Christmas Gift Guide – 16 gifts for Kids

There’s no better sight than that of a child smiling! These gift will not only bring a big smile to your kiddo, but you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a great choice! All are safe, non toxic and lovingly made! From fair trade to recycled plastic – the earth will thank you too :)

1. Crayon Rocks $11.90  p.s. My daughter loves hers!
2. Hand carved rubber stamps $33.73 – set of 5 stamps
3. Eco-Dough Goody Bag $19.00
4. Eco-Fingerpaint $39.00


5. Russian Dollhouse with Dolls *$75 instead of $99 
6. Kids Animal Farm with Animals
 *$75 instead of $99 
7. Cool Blue Car Storage Basket $45

8. Green Toys Tool Set $38.90
9. Green Toys Tea Set $38.90 p.s. My daughter loves hers!
10.Green Toys Recycling Truck $38.90

11. Solar Powered Helicopter $60.90
12. Cardboard Kitchen $68.00 p.s. Recommended by Huuma, the Eco-Mummy behind Idocare!
13. Makedo $26.90

14. Melrose Dollhouse $48.00
15. Name Train starting at $44.55
16. Bamboo Organeco Blocks $120

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