Kiddie Birthday Inspirations

I’ve been scouring the internet, gathering ideas for my daughter’s 4th birthday. This year she has requested a “Princess and Dragon party”. In truth, she asked for a Princess and Dinosaurs party, but I had no idea how to combine the two! So we compromised with dragons. I swear she is the funniest little girl – she’s a girly-tomboy and I love that!

To help me in planning her party, I’ve collected tons of great ideas. And to make them even more special, what I’m going to do is take those ideas and then figure out ways to make them eco-friendly, because that’s how I roll!

As soon as Maria’s birthday comes around, I’ll be sure to share my eco-party tips with you !

In the meantime, check out my Pinterest (my new obsession) for some kiddie birthday party inspirations!

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