Skin Wellness Sessions

I created Skin Wellness Sessions because in the world of conventional beauty, it was needed. 

When skincare solutions are not working – it’s time to go inward, connect with your skin, and create your own healing. I’m here to guide you.

Sessions are private, personalized just for you, and held virtually.

What is a Skin Wellness Session?

Skin wellness sessions are a healing modality that works with the skin as an organ of communication – and uses skin care as a way to nourish your whole self: skin, body and mind. This session is designed to help you understand the insights that your skin offers so that you can respond to those needs and create your own wellness.

Natural skin care is amazing at healing skin imbalances, like acne, eczema, sensitive and reactive skin. I’ve seen great results with my clients, but you don’t need an imbalance to book a Skin Wellness Session. The insights gained in our conversations are incredibly valuable, and help you to nourish yourself in a beautiful way.

About your session

I prepare for the session by studying your intake form, which is a very special questionnaire that I developed after years of working with different people and skin conditions. I’ll guide you through my unique approach to skincare which looks for root causes and connections to the conditions that you see on the surface.

During the session, we’ll delve deeper into you and your skin, you’ll be able to ask questions. We’ll talk about how to make your own skincare –  and learn which herbs, botanicals and routines can help you create healthy skin and whole body wellness.

While I can recommend natural brands for you to explore  – the focus of these sessions are to help you learn the art & skill of providing your own self-care. Here, you will learn how to create our own remedies, how to work with natural ingredients and make what I call “whole food skincare” to heal, balance, and radiate inside and out!

Skin Wellness Sessions are designed to help you:

  • Increase your clarity and confidence in understanding your skin.
  • Match the right herbs and botanicals to your skin and its needs.
  • Receive personalized recommendations, recipes, action steps and rituals to follow. 
  • Recommendations for herbs to use internally to support your wellness goals, recipes for daily tonics to drink & adding herbs to your food.
  • Receive support, resources, inspiration, and empowerment to set you on your way

Please use the schedule above to book your Skin Wellness Session with Militza Maury. The sessions are held virtually, via Zoom. If you have any questions or have special needs, please email [email protected] so that I can create a supportive experience for you.

Once you have booked your session, you will receive an email with an intake form to fill out and return before our call together. 

It’s a good idea to think about your questions and write them down, so that we can make sure to go over everything you want clarity on. I recommend that you have a journal handy, to take notes during the call.

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