Wrapping up the Christmas Green Gift Guide

Now that we have our gifts down (DIY, Women, Men, Kids), it’s time to wrap it up! Rather than using store-bought wrapping paper, I had a good search around and here are my favorite gift wrapping ideas, which creatively use different types of material that you might have lying around the house, or that you can pick up on a walk outside!

Have a look and see if you find some inspiration!

Click the text below for the links :) They all come from some pretty great design blogs that you might enjoy too!

1. Start pulling out the best pages from the newspaper!
2. Start saving those plastic produce net bags!
3. Wow! That’s all I have to say :)
4. Make snowflakes – Get creative! Try to find paper that you can repurpose!
5. Go for a walk and collect nature!

and as for my favorite: 

Everything by Sweet Paul – do check it out!

We put so much effort into choosing an eco-friendly gift – why not take it all the way and package it in recycled, repurposed and beautiful wrapping!

Do you have any creative wrapping ideas to share? Tell us about them the Little Green Dot Facebook page!

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