5 tips to make your grocery shopping more green

I snapped a few pictures at a supermarket (sorry about the quality) to look at how to make buying our food a more eco-friendly experience. Not only is it good for the planet, but it’s good for you! By being more conscious you can reconnect with your food – learning about the seasons, the suppliers and finding out where it’s coming from – and this is definitely a good thing!

1. Buy local produce

Singapore produces lots of fresh veggies, fruits and eggs – and this is something we should definitely support. Find them by reading the labels, they proudly state: Country of origin – Singapore!

2. Save carbon miles

Shop close to home! When buying your food, consider where it’s coming from and how far it’s traveled to reach your plate. We don’t always need our food shipped half way around the world for us!

This is also the reason why we should eat seasonal fruits and vegetables – embrace the seasons around you and enjoy the flavors that they bring. If you are not sure what’s in season, ask someone – if they don’t know the answers, then shop somewhere where they do!

Here’s a place full of vendors who love food and love to tell you about it: Loewen Gardens Farmer’s Market – you can learn a lot from them! My experience with markets, butchers and farms around the world is that they are more connected with the food they sell.

3. Buy organic

If money is an issue (when isn’t it?), do some comparison shopping. You will find that the price point is not always that different! Look for quick sales – you can always freeze it to use later! Here’s what I did with my half-priced rasberries!

Spend your money where it matters most, and save where you can – Follow this guide:

4. Buy sustainable seafood

Print out and carry this pocket guide from the WWF for sustainable seafood, to guide you when choosing seafood. You can always ask your fish monger to show you where the sustainable fish are, and if in they don’t know, then shop somewhere where they do! (Let’s support those businesses where the people behind the counter take pride in their food and can guide you to make great choices!)

5. Weighing station bags

Reduce needless plastic waste! Ask at the weighing station to pack multiple veggies in one bag or better yet, bring your own re-usable produce bags! Produce baggies are so wasteful, we really don’t need a plastic bag just to keep our apples separate from our pears!

6. Say no to plastic bags

This is something that we’ve all heard and know very well – so it didn’t make the top 5 list, but it still deserves a mention! Get in the habit! Carry re-usable bags with you always, so that you can always say “no thanks” to plastic bags!

Happy Shopping! Before you know it – you’ll soon be checking for ripeness and counting carbon miles all at the same time!

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