A fun Sunday with Veggie Thursday!

Today my family and I headed over to Fort Canning Park for the Veggie Thursday Happy Feet Carnival. I realized that up until today, I had only been to Fort Canning for concerts at night, a so it was quite an adventure seeing it under a whole new light. It’s like being in a different place, with a great feel of history and nature all around you!

The event itself was good fun. Tons of food, art, music and a fun vibe all around. They encouraged you to explore the fort and that’s exactly what we did! Read below to see some pictures from the day!


There was a lot to eat, but this was by far my favorite! My first green smoothie! LINS Smoodees blended up a yummy concoction of fruits and organic greens that has left me converted! Check out their website!

I also loved that they served up my smoothie in a re-usable bottle and asked that I just return it when finished.

We found scatterings of art blending in with the surroundings…

A major DIY moment! How I wished I owned a wheel-barrow!

My eldest in a web of ribbons, leading us into a dark cave, playing with her giant leaf-hat-broom and examining a trail of ants with her Dad.

My baby taking it all in…

Yoga on the lawn

and a reminder that we can get lost in nature – right within our own city!

Hope you had a lovely Sunday too!

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