A little organic wine in the afternoon

How about a little wine at lunch? Little Provence is offering free organic wine tastings! You can pop by any of their outlets for a sample – invite a friend and make lunch this week a little more fun!

I tried the Béret Frog Rosé – I can imagine this being a perfect picnic wine, it’s really smooth and refreshing. Our server Crane said that she finds this wine makes a great gift for dinner parties!


They have a promotion going on: Buy 6 and get a discount + free delivery. Till stocks last!

Organic Wines

  • Béret Frog $35 per bottle/ $32 when you buy 6 or more

rosé (2010 vintage)

red (2010 vintage)

This wine has a nice story: The winemakers salvaged what was then an abandoned vineyard and turned it into a beautiful wine estate, Chateau La Canorgue. So beautifully done, It was chosen as the location for the movie A Good Year starring Russell Crowe!

The winemakers made the decision to keep the harvest small, which means they produce less wine, but avoid the need for pesticides and chemicals in growing their grapes.


  • St. Andre de figuiere 

rosé (2010 vintage) $39 per bottle/$36 when you buy 6 or more

white (2010 vintage) $42.50 per bottle/$39 when you buy 6 or more

Little Provence 

-163 Tanglin Mall, #02-K2

Phone: 6887 3842

– Raffles City, #B1-42C

Phone: 6337 5106

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