A Weekend In Koh Samui – Part 2

Remember how I told you that something pretty awesome happened in Thailand? What I didn’t tell you is that this whole trip was completely unplanned. Out of the blue, Ciaran gets a call to speak at a conference in Koh Samui, and three days later we were on a plane.

So, I find myself suddenly in Thailand, loving the spontaneity of it all, but I had no idea how serendipitous it would be! We’re walking outside of our beautiful hotel, and spot this little shop…


Inside, the first thing I see are these most amazing gourmet raw treats! I thought, “This place is really different!” So, we dig in to the raw blueberry cheesecake and raw chocolate + black chia seed truffles. Yum! Now normally, at this point  – I would have eaten my treat, smiled happily and then gone on my way (you might remember how I told you that I’ve always been a little shy, a little introverted), but things are different for me now…


On this day, I began talking to the owner, Scott, and asking lots of questions. It turns out, not only is he really clued in to the natural world, but for the last 10 years he’s been working on his own products and has created the most unique, all-natural formulation that I have ever come across. He showed me his body wash, shampoo and conditioner, made with completely all-natural ingredients – herbs, plants and flowers – down to the soap. He uses soap nuts so that there are absolutely no chemicals needed to create his products –  no lye, SLS or anything at all!  Simply a fruit that naturally foams. I was already impressed. And then he told me about the probiotics!


This is an anti-anti-bacterial product! Unlike anti-bacterial soaps, which use toxic chemicals and kill indiscriminately, probiotics use friendly bacteria to maintain a healthy balance of flora in and on our body. Scott and I talked about how our relationship with bacteria has become misguided – we are marketed to believe that a healthy home and body is one free of all bacteria, but this idea could be causing us more harm than good.

Like me, he believes that instead of focusing on killing off all bacteria, we should be focusing on building our own body’s immunity to stay healthy, clean and safe. What Scott did is he develop a way to integrate friendly bacteria (probiotics like in yogurts) into his soaps, to help keep our skin healthy. I loved the philosophy behind this product, working with nature instead of against it… so I picked up a bottle for myself right away.

Here’s the thing – my skin and hair felt and looked incredible after I used it! I have been on a lifetime search for a really good shampoo that makes my hair happy. I think that because he uses soap nuts, it’s more gentle and not stripping or drying at all. My hair was smooth and shiny – loving all the nourishing ingredients, like coconut and jasmine rice that Scott thoughtfully formulated in. I was blown away…

So, I did something that even surprised me – I walked right back over to the shop and talked to him about how to bring this product into Singapore. I think it’s so unique, so spot on – but before I get ahead of myself, first I want to know what you guys think. Probiotic Shampoo and Body Wash – would you try it?

I never set out for this, and had we not gone to Koh Samui, I would never have found this shop. And had we not gone on that day, I would have missed the owner who went on to travel the day after I met him… life is funny that way, but I believe these opportunities are happening around us all the time –  it’s when you’re present in the moments that you can see them.

I would love to be able to introduce this product to Singapore. Let me know if it’s something you could see yourself trying!

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16 responses to “A Weekend In Koh Samui – Part 2”

  1. Hi,
    I would definitely try it. I just came back from Koh samui 2 weeks ago and on the last day, I stumbled upon a shop selling soaps and shampoos without chemicals and I grabbed 1 bottle of their kiffir lime shampoo. I absolutely love how my hair feels. I wish I took more notice of the name of the shop but I was 2 hours from getting on my flight back and was in a mad rush. Please let me know if you are thinking of getting these shampoos/ soaps… I’ll be happy to purchase them and be a guineapig. Cheers,

  2. Yes please bring the shampoo to Singapore as I have very dry & fizzy hair. I have tried a variety of shampoos but just won’t work.

    Looking forward for the product!


  3. I have tried all kinds of brands that claim they are good and they use natural ingredients but, non of them works for me. I can’t wait to try this great product that you have mentioned.

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