Beat The Heat with Fun Cold Treats!

The recent weather definitely calls for some ice cold treats! But we needn’t fill up on artificial nonsense to beat the heat!

Here are 3 fun ideas that you and the family can enjoy – without the worry!

1. Make your own frozen yogurt bars!

2 cups of fruit

You can choose any fruit  – If you look around you might find a ‘quick sale’  You can always throw them in your freezer until you’re ready to use! I snatched up these yummy organic raspberries for half the price!

2 cups of yogurt

Pick a good quality, healthy organic yogurt that’s not loaded up with sugar and junk!

3-4 tsp of agave nectar or honey

Tip: if you go with raspberries – add 1/2 cup of crumbled dark chocolate! Yum! Or, you can add chunks of fruit to any flavor.

Puree all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. If you add chocolate or chunks of fruit, add it straight into the mold with the blended mixture.

2. Have your own ice cream parlor at home!

Julies Organic Ice-cream (SGD $10.95 spotted at Jason’s Marketplace) This ice-cream is pure yummy goodness! Free of artificial flavors and chemical nonsense, it’s made with organic ingredients and sweetened with organic cane juice – you won’t feel too bad going in for that second scoop!

Edward & Sons Organic Ice-cream Cones (SGD $9.90 spotted at Jason’s Marketplace) I love that they’re made with organic ingredients and free of artificial anything!

3. Have it delivered!

Too hot to be bothered with making your own cold treats? Popaganda is run by a local company and their frozen fruit popsicles are made using only mashed up fruits, no water (they use coconut water if it’s needed) and sweetened with organic agave nectar! Pick one up next time you’re out and about, or go on their website to order for delivery! Buy 20 and they’ll deliver for free – will make for a fun pool party treat!

(SGD $4.00 each – spotted at The Farmer’s Market, but you can find them around Singapore – check out their website for more info)

Hope you enjoy and have fun cooling down!

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