Behind the Brand: Lights of Bliss natural candles

I recently caught up with the team behind Lights of Bliss, an online retail shop of natural candles. I was curious to know how they came to know natural candles and to decide to bring this concept to Singapore. The answer: Passion!

The husband and wife team, Gowri and Markus, first came across natural wax candles while overseas. They fell in love with the purity of the candles and their alluring scents which had the ability to transform their mood. The feeling was “magical” and made them feel like “kids in a candy store.”

This fascination turned to a passion as they began to educate themselves about the candle industry and learned the toxic effects of paraffin and lead wicks. Shocked by this “eye-opening discovery”, Gowri and Markus remember that being the point where “we decided to not to use unnatural candles that could cause a potential risk to us, our loved ones and not forgetting, our beautiful planet.”

However, they found it was a daunting task to find a wide selection of eco-friendly candles, here in Singapore. And so, fueled by their love of candles and their education, Lights of Bliss was born.

I asked them a few question about their candles:

Little Green Dot: What are the different type of waxes used in your candles?

Lights of Bliss: We use Soy Wax – which is 100% non-toxic & all natural,  Beeswax – which is a 100% natural fuel created by bees and Palm Wax – which is an all-natural renewable, sustainable and biodegradable resource that is obtained from palm oil.

Little Green Dot: What are some of the major concerns with paraffin candles?

Lights of Bliss: Paraffin candles contain up to 11 Carcinogen compounds that are toxic air contaminants. They release toxic fumes that are similar to those found in auto exhaust thus they could trigger respiratory irritation due to the allergenic ingredients found in paraffin. They also cause poor indoor air quality.

Little Green Dot: What are the ingredients in your candles and how are they scented?

Lights of Bliss:  Most of the paraffin candles in the market are made of animal-based stearic acid (an animal-derived fat from meatpacking plants) and being a vegetarian myself, I could not condone that so we decided to source for candles that are made of plant based stearic acid. The fragrances are either derived from 100% natural and pure essential oils or from premium grade of fragrance oils. The latter are: eco-friendly; not tested on animals; produced by top European Fragrance houses; phthalate and nitro musk free; safe in bath and body products; and are 100% pure – never cut or diluted.

Little Green Dot: What are some of your most popular/best selling scents and candles?

Lights of Bliss: Our banana leaf candle which won the UNESCO award for its design and the soy wax candles in designer glass.

Little Green Dot: For each of you, which is your personal favorite candle?

Lights of Bliss: My hubby and I share the similar taste when candles are concerned :) Being a candleholic, I do not have a personal favourite. I love all my candles as they are unique in their own special way.


For me, when I saw their “Relax For Her” candle I was in love! Made so pure that you can even use the melt pool to moisturize your skin!

Also, check out their New’D candle – beautifully scented with vanilla, this 100% soy wax candle is made in recycled glass! I think it perfectly sums up what they are about – A true love and respect for nature.

And you can use the melt pool as a mosturizer too! Far out!

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