Behind The Brand Recap

Hope you’ve had a good week! I’ve been busy planning my daughter’s 4th birthday party and rechecking the weather forecast every ten minutes! This means I’m on light posting duties until the big day. So, for Behind the Brand this week, I thought we could revisit some of the great business people who sat down with me and opened up about their journey:

  • Lights of Bliss – read about the husband and wife team, Gowri and Markus, whose passion for natural candles ignited after discovering the dangers of paraffin.
  • Kanga Organics – read about Joey, a self professed beauty junkie who one day read an article on natural skin care that changed her life!
  • Touch The Toes – read about Kelly and Wuen, two friends who have created an eco-friendly fitness apparel shop that is all their own.
  • Idocare – read about Humaa, a Mommy who developed her own cleaning formulation to keep her little one safe!
  • Etrican – read about Dragos and Yumiko, the team that created Singapore’s first woven organic fashion collection!

Have a great weekend and wish me luck for the birthday :)

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