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I stumbled upon Touch The Toes a couple weeks back, while out in Arab Street one day.  It was just one of those places that stays with you, and I remember thinking – a yoga shop that’s eco-friendly, has a piano and sells chocolate? I have to know more!  I reached out, and the owners Wuen and Kelly graciously invited me over for a Saturday afternoon chat.

The moment I walked in, I was struck once again with that soothing smell of essential oils. Kelly was behind the counter smiling and Wuen rushed over to meet us.

The best way for me to describe their shop is… ‘comfortable’ – it’s like visiting an old friend, you feel welcome.

We talked for over an hour and, it’s funny, the whole chat, much like their energy, was very active! We sat on the chair, moved down to the floor, stood, walked around, sat back down! But, at the same time, it was very calm and relaxed. It’s this balance that they have found in life that I find so intriguing and one that they both attribute to yoga.

my mind is always on, but with yoga I can lose my self and just breathe

We got to talking about how it all started for them…

 I don’t know which is more amazing to me, the circumstances of where they met or of how they decided to start a business together. Where they met was at a super-intense 40-day yoga challenge. It’s a workshop that has you wake up at sunrise, come together and perform yoga – every single morning for 40 days straight! Wow! The thing is, these kinds of activities will naturally bring like-minded people together and that’s exactly what happened with Kelly and Wuen. They bonded on having a similar outlook on life and realized that they shared the dream of one day owning a shop. Kelly remembers talking to Wuen during the challenge about how difficult it was to find interesting yoga wear. They said to each other “We should do something about this!” And this is what I find amazing –  right there and then the decision was made and they actually set out to do it. I always wonder, what makes someone take that leap to actually go after a dream – for them they said it just felt right.

the business came very organically, very natural – it all felt right. Quite intuitive, the way it all came together.

I asked them, why eco-friendly?

They said, simply, “It had to be.” Wuen had just returned from Madagascar from a marine conversation project. She was inspired by the experience “People there live with so little, they survive by being sustainable.” If they were to create a business, they knew it had to be one that promoted and support a greener life.

I look at what they’ve accomplished in such a short period of time and I’m inspired! They told me stories about their search for great products, for the space, the disappointments and setback – all the things that come with being an entrepreneur – yet they never gave up or compromised along the way. They have carefully curated their shop with pieces that are not only chosen for their quality but also because they fall in line with their beliefs: That we need to be conscious of our impact on earth.

Wuen looked around and said  “This shop is us” and I have to say, I think they’re right!


>Say hi to Eliza – you’ll see her on the weekdays!

Pop in for a look and a chat. Ask about the yoga and essential oil workshop that they hold and join a community of people, like yourself, who share a similar outlook on life. Hey, you never know – great things can happen when like-minded people come together!

Thanks Kelly, Wuen and Eliza!

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