• Urban Farming – In your own apartment!

    Urban Farming – In your own apartment!

    I know, it sounds crazy. I’m not talking about wearing overalls and converting your living room into a tomato farm, but it is interesting and not completely out of reach. Hydroponics is a way for city dwellers like ourselves to reconnect with nature. Take a look at this video and consider maybe bringing this concept […]

  • 5 tips to make your beauty routine more green

    5 tips to make your beauty routine more green

    The idea here is to make simple changes, so that you can easily adapt them into your beauty routine – so let’s dive right in. Green Beauty Tip #1: Use less water Join the washcloth revolution! When you clean your face, instead of letting the water run as you splash your face – get a […]

  • Eco-friendly Kid’s Toys

    Eco-friendly Kid’s Toys

    Have you heard of Green Toys? They’re great! They make a fun line of toys constructed from safe, non-toxic, recycled plastic (mostly milk jugs.) They even package it up in recycled materials printed with soy inks. Wow! Basically they keep our kiddies happy and our planet happy too! Check out their website where they talk […]

  • Repurpose It! Ketchup Squeeze Bottle

    Repurpose It! Ketchup Squeeze Bottle

    Don’t throw away your empty squeeze bottle – re-purpose it! You can use it to make fun pancake shapes! Not Martha shows us how to make a flower pancake.

  • Home Delivered Organic Produce

    Home Delivered Organic Produce

    Have you seen Super Nature’s organic farm box? It’s beyond! They have different types Asian, Western, Juice – I got the Baby Farm Box – check it out! It’s packed full of fresh, crunchy veggies and the sweetest fruits! I spent the entire day whizzing up purees for my baby girl – which I now […]

  • Balcony Make-Over

    Balcony Make-Over

    I love the thrill of decorating. Looking for inspiration, sketching out ideas – the possibilities seem endless! But it’s having so much choice that causes so much frustration!  Modern, Minimal, Rustic, Balinese, a little of everything? Custom-made? Ikea? Budget!? Finally, we decided on a theme for our balcony – a rustic industrial look. Does that […]

  • Hesiod (c. 600BC)

    Hesiod (c. 600BC)

    If you add a little to a little, and do this often, soon the little will become great.