• Herbal Oil Infusion: Warm Winter Skin Tonic

    Herbal Oil Infusion: Warm Winter Skin Tonic

    I came up with this herbal blend at the supermarket the bright, warm colors of the carrots, ginger, and grapefruit called out to me! Orange foods are rich in carotenoids, which have been shown to “accumulate mostly in the epidermis and act as a protective barrier.” (source) They make an incredible tonic for the skin […]

  • Orange Mint Scalp Scrub

    Orange Mint Scalp Scrub

    A scalp scrub does wonders for your hair. Scrubbing the scalp helps to remove buildup, exfoliate, and promote healthy hair growth. You can make a scalp scrub by adding salt to your regular shampoo. It can be that simple.I tried infusing herbal ingredients into the salt to see what happens – and the results have […]

  • Regenerative Cleansing: Oat & Goat Milk Cleanser

    Regenerative Cleansing: Oat & Goat Milk Cleanser

    When it comes to cleansing our body, there are certain words that we recognize: removing, eliminating, purifying. Replenishing, nourishing, and restoring are not words we usually associate with cleansing. This recipe is all about why they should be. A way to tranform our approach Typical body/facial cleansers work through actions of extraction and elimination. It […]

  • Shampoo + Conditioning Hair Rinse

    Shampoo + Conditioning Hair Rinse

    Hair products accounted for the majority of plastic-bottle-clutter in my bathroom. Shampoo, clarifying shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner… All different brands. All half-empty. Because the quest for finding the one that finally works —is never-ending. And then you make a hair rinse. It cleans like a clarifying shampoo. It softens like a conditioner. It makes your […]

  • Deep Warmth: Ginger Infused Body Oil

    Deep Warmth: Ginger Infused Body Oil

    If thoughts of coziness and warmth sound good to you right now… you’ll love this ginger infused oil recipe.  It’s simple, but it really packs a punch! And that’s because we’re working with ginger. This is not a shy herb – its stimulating, its warming, its pungent – and when you massage ginger oil over […]

  • Autumn Skin Poultice

    Autumn Skin Poultice

    With changes in weather, we can notice changes in our skin. Use herbal remedies to care for your skin In skin care terms, an herbal “poultice” is an herbal mask, made with healing herbs Create this blend for skin that needs warmth, moisture, and a boost of circulation Autumn is settling in – and with […]

  • The Common Herb for Skin Series: MINT

    The Common Herb for Skin Series: MINT

    This series celebrates the common herbs, because in a world of novelty – it’s easy to forget the benefits of the humble, accessible supermarket herbs for the skin, body, and mind. And more importantly – the abundance of wellness you have access to. Mint (Mentha x piperita) Herbal Actions: Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Nervine, Antimicrobial The refreshing aroma […]

  • Series: Making Wellness Accessible

    Series: Making Wellness Accessible

    Herbalism is growing FAST – in just the last couple of years, we’ve seen old-traditions making a big comeback as more people turn to herbs to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re wanting to start a new herbal routine, or reignite an old one – I’m here to help you make wellness feel […]

  • Good Night Tinctured Bath Salts

    Good Night Tinctured Bath Salts

    Are you tossing and turning at night? Waking up feeling tired? There is so much hope for you to create small changes, and see huge transformation in how you feel.  Especially when you incorporate herbs with lifestyle changes and emotional awareness. I’m excited to share a skincare herbal remedy that can help you to create […]

  • How to use Violet flowers & leaves in your skincare

    How to use Violet flowers & leaves in your skincare

    If you’ve been wanted to bring more herbs into your skincare, violets are a great one to try! They’re gentle and nourishing, and bring flow and moisture back to the skin, especially nice after the Winter season. When you plant violets in your garden, they will spread very quickly, a welcomed weed, violets add beauty […]

  • Flowers for Skincare

    Flowers for Skincare

    In this article we’ll look flowers that are not only look beautiful blended into your recipes, but that also have therapeutic benefits too.

  • Chai Elixer

    Chai Elixer

    It’s become a regular routine. I add a splash of Chai Elixer into a shot of milk and sip it slowly. It tastes like… if Baileys’ came out with a Chai flavored cocktail. Creamy. You can definitely taste the brandy, it’s deliciously smooth. But the dominating flavors comes from the Chai spices, which not only […]