Boost your productivity and focus with this neat little website!

Today’s tip is brilliant!! It comes from Miguel, one of my star students and graduates from the How to Become a Morning Person course. It’s about creating routines that work for you – and for Miguel that meant using technology to incorporate wellness, relaxation, productivity, and green living into his life.

From day one – he engaged with the course and his fellow students. His enthusiasm and tenacity for a better life inspired others and he raised up his hand, to share that with us here on Little Green Dot.

Please take a second to get to know him – I think you’ll love him as much as I do! 

Miguel is a tech wiz – and he’ll be popping in each month to introduce us to new apps and websites that make it easier for us to live a more green, connected and healthy lifestyle. 

 Here’s the first instalment of Little Green Dot Tech!

— Militza


 Boost your productivity and focus with this neat little website!

Written by Miguel Ortiz

If you work on a computer, there’s a high chance that you might get distracted from time to time and start to goof off the best way you know how. Other times you may find a different place to work, say a park or a coffee shop to help get your productivity back. Well thanks to the developers at Noisli, you can regain your productivity without having to leave the house or workplace.

Noisli plays ambient sound in either the browser tab that it’s open in, or if you have their official Chrome extension or iPhone App you won’t even need to have the tab open to have the noise playing. You can choose from a wide variety of sounds from Coffee Shop, to Thunderstorm, to even White, Pink, and Brown Noise. Whatever sounds you need to help boost your productivity or creativity Noisli’s got you covered.

Plus you can create combinations of different sounds if that’s more your style like coffee shop fireplace, or fireplace thunderstorm, as well as others.  After you find a combination you like you can create an account and save the combination as a favorite, to be played at a later time either through the website, your phone, or through their Chrome extension. You can also use their built in timer to have the ambient sound going on for an allotted amount of time that you decide.

Overall, if you want a great boost of productivity, creativity, or even just some great relaxation; throw on your headphones, open up Noisli, and choose your noise. Noisli is available through the web, through the Chrome Web Store, and through the Apple App Store for 99¢.

Until next time, this is Miguel from Little Green Dot Tech logging off.

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