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  • Your Flu-Fighting Triple Threat – Remember these Tips!

    Your Flu-Fighting Triple Threat – Remember these Tips!

    Abundant Earth‘s natural remedies support your body to combat the flu and recover quickly – whether you’re caring for yourself, or someone you love – you’ll want to remember these tips! When you’re under the weather and your immunity is down – you really need a good defence. Alina, a clinical herbalist and aromatherapist from Abundant Earth shares […]

  • The Green Life Manifesto

    The Green Life Manifesto

    Having a manifesto, something that I stand for – it keeps me connected to what matters to me. It’s my motivation.  I often say to myself, we take the stairs, we play in the grass – and I do it! I hope this inspires you to connect with your life’s manifesto and to make the modern green life your own.

  • 2015: The Year of Becoming

    2015: The Year of Becoming

    Happy New Year! The wonderful thing about the new year is that everything feels fresh and new. A new chance for adventure – full of possibility! The flip-side is though, looking back, not everything in the past year went the way we had hoped – we’ve encountered failure, struggled with sickness, and suffered loss. So […]

  • This 10 Minute Morning Routine Will Transform Your Day

    A morning routine is a powerful way to set the tone for the kind of day you want to have.   This year – I started waking up early an hour early, on purpose  – and it’s absolutely changed my life. If you feel stressed in the mornings, in a rush, not taking care of yourself. If […]

  • #daytripping: Be a Tourist from Home

    Have you watched the movie About Time? I won’t give away the story (you should watch it!) but it left me with this fun question. Imagine you could live every day, twice: The first time, with all the tensions and worries that stop us noticing how sweet the world can be. But the second time… noticing. While chatting about this with Holly at the office, […]

  • What I’m currently reading

    What book have you been reading lately? I have three on the go… wait, do cookbooks count? Sure they do! Two of my current reads, I discovered at the library – a resources for cookbooks that I’ve never considered before. Am I the only one? Usually I’m at the bookshop debating whether or not to […]

  • School Holidays

    My eldest is on her first ever school summer holiday –  and I’m experiencing a parenting first…. what am I going to do for her all month? Right away I’m thinking about enrichment programs – maybe ballet or drama, museums, the zoo…  I’m making lists of activities and at the same time – wondering how […]

  • Press the Reset Button…

    My youngest goes to the park most days – but today, I really wasn’t in the mood. It was one of those mornings where the day was just starting – and I already felt like I did 10 things wrong… Half-heartedly, I say to her – honey, go get dressed for the park – so […]

  • Q&A Green Thursday – Lemon Detox Excuses

    My “21 Day Morning Detox” is by far the most popular post on the blog. It’s struck a chord with you guys and that’s awesome because it means you’re looking for ways to make healthy changes. It’s been viewed thousands of times (if you haven’t seen it go check it out) and I’ve received well […]

  • Consume Less, Make More

    I read a great article called The Builder’s High which reminded me about why we take the time to make things. We see all this gorgeous content out there on the internet – recipes, people’s homes and ideas. It has us face-down, staring into our phone or laptop… but what we’re looking at, it’s all other […]