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  • Lessons from an Accidental Environmentalist

    My green journey started back in 2007. I was a new mom and trying to make healthy changes… but it was more like being on a roller coaster called “trying to be green, and mostly getting it wrong.” Not really a fun ride. However, with every new year, it felt like a fresh start. A […]

  • On being different…

    I cycle my daughter to school. I always have. It’s much easier than dealing with the line-up of cars in the morning, plus it’s fun. Throughout kindergarden, she didn’t even think about it. But things are different now,  she started big girl school… On the first day, I realised that I was the only parent […]

  • Best Kids Posts of 2013

    The new year is fast approaching… seriously, how is it almost 2014 already!? This year has completely flown by, but looking back – I feel really good seeing all the projects and recipes that we did on Little Green Dot! For this 2013 flashback, let’s take look at my favorite kiddie recipes and ideas, although […]

  • Unboxing the new LOHASIA box!

    I received my first Box by LOHASIA  (yay!) It’s a new service in Singapore that curates and delivers green products to your door. I was super excited – so I pulled out my camera and sat down to open it up. Then, my little monkey saw what I was up to and immediately took over […]

  • Where else is BPA lurking?

    Canned food is often full of artificial flavourings, too much sugar or salt – no surprise here, how else are they meant to make something sit on a shelf for years and still taste good?! But even if you do find a brand that is healthier (organic, low sodium…) it turns out you may still may have […]

  • Brew your Tea Longer!

    I recently came across an interesting character, Susun Weed – she’s a four time best-selling author and has been teaching herbal medicine for longer than I’ve been on the planet! She has a wealth of knowledge and I was recently listening to her talk about the way we brew our herbal teas. We know that […]

  • What I See When I Run

    When I first saw these prints featured on an American blog, I thought – wow, I feel really drawn to these images, they’re almost familiar. Then I realised why – these beautiful portraits are based on nature found right here in Singapore! The work is by Francis Ooi, an amateur photographer whos weekly runs along […]

  • The look of Simplicity

    In the past, I was never drawn to a minimal aesthetic. I found it cold and empty. I wanted to fill my world with things, decorations and colors. But, as I began to simplify and cut back on the excess – my idea of beauty has changed. For me, it began two years ago when […]

  • What’s Really In Our Household Products? Little Green Dot + Experts

    We have another Little Green Dot Expert on board! If you’ve ever been stumped by reading the labels on household products, skincare and foods, you’ll be happy to get to know Delphinia. She has an incredibly unique perspective, coming from both a law and marketing background, and now being the manufacturer of a line of (amazing!) organic […]

  • Essential Oils 101 by Alina, of Abundant Earth

    Hi friends! Probably the single best part about starting this blog has been the connections that I’ve made. When I began sharing my journey, my whole world opened up to a community of readers who just like me, are learning to live a greener life.  At the same time, I’ve also connected with the experts, […]