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  • Happy Mondays + Breakfast Forts

    How was your weekend? Mine was a perfect balance of a night out with the hubby followed by a lazy morning in with the girls. A big breakfast was definitely in order, and since we’re big fans of making forts around here, we decided to have breakfast… in a fort. Why not, right? Keeps things fun! […]

  • A Weekend In Koh Samui – Part 2

    Remember how I told you that something pretty awesome happened in Thailand? What I didn’t tell you is that this whole trip was completely unplanned. Out of the blue, Ciaran gets a call to speak at a conference in Koh Samui, and three days later we were on a plane. So, I find myself suddenly in Thailand, loving the spontaneity of it […]

  • A Weekend In Ko Samui – Part 1

    I’m sitting here at my favorite local cafe, in a bit of a daze really – because just a day ago I was opening the glass door to my hotel room, stepping out to my private pool, feeding wild fish off the pier, playing with hermit crabs on the beach and spending time with my […]

  • Journey into Juicing

    I’m all set and ready to start juicing! Seriously though – this decision has not come lightly!  There’s a lot to consider: health, cost, equipment. I’ve been looking into it for a long while now and I thought why not share with you my own questions, research and answers – because if you are anything […]

  • Flower Power

    I’ve recently been adding flowers to my weekly grocery shop, because I love how they brighten my space. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but I actually feel happier – and it turns out  there’s a very good reason for that. A study in New Jersey is finding that the presence of flowers […]

  • {In the home} Tree House Living

    I love these homes, the bold statement made by bringing nature indoors – it’s so striking! It got me thinking… if you feel that your home decor is missing that certain something…  why not head to the local nursery, bring home a tall, beautiful tree and create a statement piece that adds both a pop […]

  • There’s a lot of work to do – we need to work together – Join the NEA Clean & Green Hackathon

    I take this same path everyday as I walk home from the train that brings me into town and back. Even after 10 years of living here in Singapore, I’m still amazed by the contrast of old and new, of natural and man-made that makes this little Island what it is – and I’m so […]

  • Exercise your way to Green

    This is a green blog, so what does exercising have to do with green living? Hear me out – when we think about detoxifying our life we look at the products that we use, the foods that we eat, the impacts we create… But being green is not just about recycling and turning off the lights. […]

  • Bits and Pieces of my Day

    I thought I’d do something different and take you along on a day in my life. It’s actually kind of a fun perspective to see my day laid out this way – I think I might do this more often… From top left to bottom right: Avoided a major breakdown after baby Meabh realised the bubble solution […]

  • A Healthier Perspective & My Top 4 Favorite Food Blogs

    A lot of you know that I’m taking a nutrition course on-line. It’s from the University of California, it’s free, it’s amazing. I truly love the internet! I’m halfway through, and we’ve been learning about heart disease, obesity, diabetes… things that we can largely either avoid or cause by our food choices. No pressure, right? […]