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  • 10 Uses for Vanilla Pods

    Last month, I bought a monster bag of vanilla beans (the picture below is only half of the bag and it’s super cheap too!) I’ve been busy playing and have discovered tons of uses for them to have your kitchen, hair and skin smelling (and tasting)… delicious! In the past whenever I had a vanilla pod […]

  • Breakfast Salad

    I’ve been on a major salad kick recently – I’m even craving it in the mornings! Which is why I call this one my Breakfast Salad – It’s colourful and cheery, satisfying and nourishing… I love eating it out of my big wooden bowl and just – feasting. I always feel full, but still with […]

  • 3 best blenders and where to buy them

    If you’re looking for a blender to make the best green shakes and smoothies at home, good for you! Investing in your health is important and a good blender will help you make the yummiest, smoothest shakes to enjoy for years and years! All three of the blenders listed here are great quality blenders and […]

  • Infused Maple Syrup and Breakfast in Bed

    This Valentines, let’s start our day with one of the most loving gestures of all – a homemade meal! You’ll feel warm and happy with the scent of vanilla, maple syrup and a little butter wafting from the kitchen! Yum! My heart is already melting 🙂 If you’re thinking – I don’t have time in […]

  • Simplify – Spice Blends

    Ever since I discovered Herbs de Provence, it’s all I’ve been using! I’m actually planning my meals around – what can I make, to use this spice blend with… Have you tried it yet? It’s a blend of herbs, with a flavour that you would associate with a Sunday roast – great for chicken, potoato, […]

  • Homemade Vanilla Coffee

    Restaurants are such a fantastic source for recipe ideas! Always keep a look out. Last night I was out with my husband at a new cafe – I ordered what I always do, a cappuccino – but this one had – a subtle taste of vanilla that I went crazy for… so I came home to […]

  • Beauty Food – Konjac Noodles

    I spent the afternoon with a new friend Maggie, who created Not a Sponge.  She produced a product made of konjac, a natural material which you can use to wash and exfoliate your skin. Konjac was new to me, and then… she asked me if I’d like to try eating it! What? I was super intrigued […]

  • Best Food Posts of 2013

    We’re ending the year with our final look at 2013. This time it’s all about food and I honestly got hungry just looking through all the recipes. Here are my top four favorites – I hope you find a little inspiration in there! Until then, see you in 2014 – it’s going to be an […]

  • Breakfast Bliss

    What’s the best meal of the day? My vote, hands-down: breakfast. Which means that Christmas breakfast has to be the best meal of the year! You’ve got your friends and family around, everyone’s still in their pajamas – on a high from opening up presents and the smell of coffee and eggs cooking is butter […]

  • Amazing Homemade Pancakes!

    So we’re at this little family restaurant, in the middle of a mountain in Colombia – and we get served the most amazing pancakes that any of us had ever seen. Tall & fluffy – they were incredible! We had to know the secret… extra baking powder? A special flour? Years of practice? We had […]