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  • Hydrosol 101 – Experience the Real Thing

    Hydrosol 101 – Experience the Real Thing

    For years, I thought I was using hydrosols in my natural skincare routine – until I experienced the real thing! Witch hazel has long been a favorite toner of mine (and for the guys too!). It’s amazing for oily skin, humid climates… but I could only ever find the kind with alcohol – which can dry out my skin pretty quickly. […]

  • 8 Healthy Haircare Products You Should Know About

    Creating a capsule collection can extend to any area of your life – your wardrobe, your kitchen, your beauty cabinet. The idea is that you carefully select only the things that you need and love, nothing more. You are curating your life and surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good, that hold a story, meaning, usefulness […]

  • Noni Fruit // Backyard Superfood

    This alley runs just along my condo where there’s a single tree that produces fruit like it’s always in season, dripping these soft pods along the pavement. A few months ago I saw a neighbour collect the fruit and jar it. It sat outside his house for weeks – I was so curious to know what […]

  • Herbal Teas for Beautiful Skin

    While we love slathering on various skincare products for our blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin issues, we often forget that nourishing the skin from within plays a far larger role to how our skin looks like. Often we go about it the wrong way and apply harmful chemical laden synthetic beauty products that end up […]

  • Secret Beauty Ingredient in Your Kitchen // And How to Use It!

    You’re going to be so excited to find out that there is an incredible, skin-loving beauty ingredient, right inside your kitchen! I’d bet good money that you have a box of herbal tea in your pantry… With that tea, you can make quality skincare and see beautiful results. Let me show you a few common […]

  • 16 Party Appetizers for The Holidays

    16 Party Appetizers for The Holidays

    Looking for something special to present on the Holiday table? I’ve got a great mix of ideas for you! A little naughty, mostly good – a healthy balance of recipes that I think you’ll love! ONE: Prawn Balls Make a big batch ahead of time, rest and then fry them up just before the celebrations. TWO: Healthy Mediterranean 7-layer Dip […]

  • The Gift of Food

    My husband recently spent a week in  Amsterdam – riding his bicycle along the canal, taking in the sights, indulging in Dutch cuisine… Yeah ok, I may have been the tiniest bit jealous – but any of that immediately disappeared when he presented me with the most perfect gift – a selection of Dutch cheeses. I […]

  • 10 Uses for Vanilla Pods

    Last month, I bought a monster bag of vanilla beans (the picture below is only half of the bag and it’s super cheap too!) I’ve been busy playing and have discovered tons of uses for them to have your kitchen, hair and skin smelling (and tasting)… delicious! In the past whenever I had a vanilla pod […]

  • Simplify – Spice Blends

    Ever since I discovered Herbs de Provence, it’s all I’ve been using! I’m actually planning my meals around – what can I make, to use this spice blend with… Have you tried it yet? It’s a blend of herbs, with a flavour that you would associate with a Sunday roast – great for chicken, potoato, […]

  • Four Unusual Nutrients in Kale

    Kale is the boss. It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – but what really sets kale apart are four other nutrients that may surprise you. Here’s why – these nutrients are generally found in… animal products! Protein – Meat is a rich source of protein but often, that comes along with saturated fat and […]