Category: Kids

  • Chocolate Cupcake Fizzy Bath Powder Recipe

    This fizzy bath recipe is pure joy! It’s the perfect remedy to a busy, stressed-out day:  you’re smiling as you make it and giggling when you use it! It’s completely all-natural, and if you don’t already have the ingredients in your kitchen – you’re going to want to pop into the supermarket, today! And parents, […]

  • Interactive Meals + Breakfast Crêpes

    Kids (and adults) eat a lot of junk food. But, let’s be honest – it’s hard not to, the junk food industry has made it their business to make their food attractive. So how do I get my family to eat more healthy? This is a BIG question for most of us, but I believe we’ll […]

  • Tinkering Around

    What’s the best part of being a parent? For me, it’s the excuse to go to places like L’Observatoire –  – a project that combines art and science for kids (and child-like adults!). We spent our Sunday in a beautiful classroom brimming with evidence of children creating experiments and art. Once a month they host what they call Tinkering […]

  • Repurpose Condiment Bottles into Toys

    We had fun at home repurposing condiment squeeze bottles. You gotta love how kids can find such pleasure in little things… My youngest watered our plants in the afternoon – which is always a fun activity, but sometimes a watering-can leads to more of a mess than you really wanted. A squeeze bottle was the perfect trick – […]

  • Kid’s Birthday – Party Food

    This is a quick look at an idea that turned out really well! If you’ve ever thrown or have attended a kid’s party – you know that these little guys expect to have a good selection of treat laid out! When set loose, they can demolish a table of chips and cookies in minutes. I wanted the kids to […]

  • Kid’s Birthday Games – Bubble Snakes + Keeping It Simple

    I learn from my kids all the time. They live in the moment and find so much joy in the little things – something that I needed to remember as I planned my daughter’s 5th birthday. The thing is, with these parties, there’s a bit of pressure there. They’re getting older and you want to make it a […]

  • Singapore National Day 2012

    Hi! How did you spend Singapore’s Birthday? We headed out to the new Gardens at The Bay…have you been there yet? It’s such a nice day out. The Cloud Forest greenhouse is so beautiful and actually a bit cold! (bring a wrap for the kids!) Here are some pictures from the day. Sorry about the quality, I took them […]

  • DIY – Cheeky Bunny Easter Egg Surprise

    I made this DIY to add a little cheekiness to Easter! It’s a fun gift, to bring to a friend’s house or Easter gathering. The idea is: you have six eggs – five are stuffed with sweet treats and one, the bad egg, carries a big surprise! Let your friends and family choose an egg, smack […]

  • Making Friends With a Weed

    Meet Rosie, our shy plant – her leaves close when you touch them. I transplanted her from the curbside – without gloves (ouch!) and ignoring the confused looks from the neighbors – I know it’s a weed! We planted her in a pretty pot, trimmed her thorns and now we feed her blended up veggie scraps from […]