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  • Exercise your way to Green

    This is a green blog, so what does exercising have to do with green living? Hear me out – when we think about detoxifying our life we look at the products that we use, the foods that we eat, the impacts we create… But being green is not just about recycling and turning off the lights. […]

  • Bits and Pieces of my Day

    I thought I’d do something different and take you along on a day in my life. It’s actually kind of a fun perspective to see my day laid out this way – I think I might do this more often… From top left to bottom right: Avoided a major breakdown after baby Meabh realised the bubble solution […]

  • A Healthier Perspective & My Top 4 Favorite Food Blogs

    A lot of you know that I’m taking a nutrition course on-line. It’s from the University of California, it’s free, it’s amazing. I truly love the internet! I’m halfway through, and we’ve been learning about heart disease, obesity, diabetes… things that we can largely either avoid or cause by our food choices. No pressure, right? […]

  • Be inspired

    I’m re-doing my work studio and have an idea to create a wall of inspiration – photos, images, paintings and words that inspire me. I want to walk into the room and feel instantly motivated to do something amazing. Here are some posters that I’ve been looking at – maybe you’ll find a little inspiration in them too! They […]

  • Quick Green Tip – Get Your Natural Soap & Shampoo to Foam!

    I had an interesting experience at the Handmade Fair this weekend. Let me explain. When we hold our Green Living workshops, the people who attend, are usually already leaning towards a more natural lifestyle. They find us, because they are looking. So, when we talk about how natural products behave and how they don’t behave, […]

  • Best of 2012 – Coconut Oil Recipes

    Hi! I’ll be kicking off the “Best of 2012” series with one of my favorite oils: coconut oil. I can’t get enough of it, and I still have so many more recipes to show you! Flavored popcorn, home-made deodorant… but I shouldn’t get ahead of myself! Here are 5 awesome coconut oil tips, recipes and […]

  • ‘Set the Tone’ Green Juice :: Orange, Spinach & Basil

    My friend and I are developing a project together, which I can’t wait to tell you all about soon. We want to create something that is happy, positive and that comes from the heart. To help set the tone, we’ve started a weekly routine of yoga before work. Basically we do a few yoga poses […]

  • Christmas Gift Guide – Handmade Gifts

    I remember when I was about 20, I worked for a jewelry designer and I thought she was the most elegant woman I’d ever seen. For Christmas, I wanted to get her something fabulous, so I bought her a high-end salt body scrub. It was $50 dollars, and because she was the one who wrote my paycheck, […]

  • The Edible Garden Project – Green Day Out In Singapore

    Last weekend we discovered an edible garden planted right in the heart of the city! A team of eco-conscious friends planted the Edible Gardens at Archifest 2012 to champion the “Grow Your Own Food” movement. The garden is open until Oct 31st and you can actively be part of this movement by joining the Edible Community […]

  • Winners of the Mekhala Living giveaway!!

    We have a winner! Actually, we have 5 winners! Before I announce them, thanks so much to everyone who entered – I was really blown away by the response! We had 40 great tips for green living!  We’ve chose five entries at random, but I encourage you to check out all the replies, to see how everyone is […]