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  • Repurpose It! Ketchup Squeeze Bottle

    Repurpose It! Ketchup Squeeze Bottle

    Don’t throw away your empty squeeze bottle – re-purpose it! You can use it to make fun pancake shapes! Not Martha shows us how to make a flower pancake.

  • Home Delivered Organic Produce

    Home Delivered Organic Produce

    Have you seen Super Nature’s organic farm box? It’s beyond! They have different types Asian, Western, Juice – I got the Baby Farm Box – check it out! It’s packed full of fresh, crunchy veggies and the sweetest fruits! I spent the entire day whizzing up purees for my baby girl – which I now…

  • Balcony Make-Over

    Balcony Make-Over

    I love the thrill of decorating. Looking for inspiration, sketching out ideas – the possibilities seem endless! But it’s having so much choice that causes so much frustration!  Modern, Minimal, Rustic, Balinese, a little of everything? Custom-made? Ikea? Budget!? Finally, we decided on a theme for our balcony – a rustic industrial look. Does that…

  • Hesiod (c. 600BC)

    Hesiod (c. 600BC)

    If you add a little to a little, and do this often, soon the little will become great.