Eco-Friendly Favorites Of The Month – April

Hi! Usually, at the end of the month, I list out all of the top eco-friendly products that I’ve been using and loving. This month, it was a brand, The Skin Pharmacy, that stood out!

Here’s the funny thing, when I first bought these products, I wasn’t happy with the shampoo. To the point where I actually wrote the shop an e-mail asking if I could return it. I was sure that they’d say no, shops always do. This is where it got really interesting:

Not only did they not say no, but they actually offered to reformulate it!

I had no idea what they meant but, intrigued, I brought my shampoo back in… and left happily impressed!

What The Skin Pharmacy do is manufacture their own line of skin care products, right here in Singapore. Most of their products are completely all-natural, none of their products contain any of the chemical nasties! You can buy it ready-made or they have a team of pharmacists, who can sit with you to determine your exact needs! They can custom blend products for your skin, body and hair.

The shampoo I bought has ingredients with conditioning properties, but it was too much for my hair…. so, the pharmacist put on his gear, brought out his scales and started measuring and mixing away! It was fun to watch! I’ve been using it all month now, and am happy with the new results!

The natural sunscreen – I was happy with as it was – no reformulating needed. It’s interesting, they sell two sunscreens: one (the one that I bought) is completely all-natural. The second has a synthetic (but safe) ingredient added, to make it apply smoothly. Without it, the sunscreen doesn’t glide on, but really, that only means that you have to work it in a bit more. No big deal. It dries a bit matte, which I like.

When you go in, ask lots of questions. Their staff is super knowledgeable and will explain all of the ingredients to you and how they work. The Skin Pharmacy is a great concept and I’m definitely going to return for more!

Also – they sell almond oil, jojoba oil and other carrier oils which are used in a ton of our DIY recipes, like the Antibacterial Hand Scrub!

Check out The Skin Pharmacy!

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