Host an eco-friendly Mother’s Day Brunch!

My Mother, or Mami as I call her, came down to visit last week – so I planned for an early Mother’s Day Brunch. Kind of perfect actually, because now I get to show you how I hosted this eco-friendly meal!

The thing is, this event was not about being eco-friendly, it was about my Mom. The theme was: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” I displayed photographs of her throughout the years and added little handwritten notes here and there for her to read how and why she is such a special Mami! I decorated the table with flowers, used beautiful vintage plates and glasses. I made foods that I knew she’d enjoy and created an afternoon just for her.

My hope is to show that we can create an event, full of personal details, pretty decorations and yummy food and still keep it eco-friendly, by making simple and conscious choices…

There’s a lot to see! I invited my friend, an amazing photographer to capture the day! Read on to see all the pictures and the ways I kept this Mother’s Day pretty and green!

I designed the menu by first looking at what produce was available to me here in Singapore. Along with that, I chose sustainably farmed, organically farmed and wholesome ingredients. I thought about how to minimize buying imported foods by buying locally-made pastries, breads and pasta and minimized packaging by making my own things…

I used old things in new ways!

Instead of buying packaged and imported cheeses… I made my own! It was so easy, you won’t believe it!

Instead of bottled and packaged drinks, I served lovely flavored water…

Instead of buying decorations, I made my own…

I repurposed glass jars, used eco-friendly materials and added vintage pieces for a special touch…

Instead of buying imported flowers, I handpicked them from the park and from the street outside my home…

Such a lovely day. Pretty details, happy faces and lovely food! Everything was fresh, ripe and bursting with flavor!

Sometimes in wanting to create a memorable day, we go out and buy things that are, in the end, not very practical or even necessary. By keeping it simple yet thoughtful, we can still make a beautiful day to remember! I hope this inspires you to do the same this Sunday, or any day!


Now, if you want to create anything you see here, I’ve made a giant page of resources for you!

Inside you’ll find links to all the recipes including exactly where to find the local ingredients in Singapore! I also have a few crafty DIY’s too – like how I dyed the table cloth that pretty blush pink color, using hibiscus tea petals!

Click for the recipes and DIYs now!


Special thanks to Wonderland For Detailed Planners for providing the lovely vintage plates, water goblets & cake stands. They look great, guys!

And special thanks also to Slava Druk for all his wonderful photographs. He can help you with your events, product photography or family portraits too! Find him here!

And, last but not least, thanks to my Mami for always supporting me!

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