Essentials: Natural Skincare Must-Haves

Natural Skincare Essentials

I’m crazy about natural skincare and have spent excessive amounts of time testing equipment and recipes to make natural skincare simple and accessible.

Here you’ll find the same tools that I turn to when I’m whipping up a fresh batch of luxurious scrubs, oils and butters. Click any of the links below to be taken directly to Amazon directly (and you support Little Green Dot with a small commission if you decide to make a purchase).


Skincare Pantry Staples

Whole food skincare is for everyone. The same foods that you eat to be healthy inside, will take care of your skin from the outside too. So you may have many of these ingredients in your pantry right now!

You should be able to find all of the ingredients below in your local grocery store or health food store. But in out-of-the-way areas or international countries, these ingredients might be harder in find. Here, is a good solution – it stocks a wide variety of healthy products at great prices and has very competitive international delivery rates to many countries. It has been a life-saver for me!

Best of all, if you check out using Little Green Dot’s rewards code, you get $5 off your first order:


Plant Oils

Plant oils sink into your skin and form a protective barrier that locks in hydration.

Unlike synthetic lotions and mineral oils – a natural plant oil is whole food. It’s a nourishing moisturizer that offers you nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids for strong, healthy cells.



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