Fair Trade Handicraft meets Modern Design

In our world where things are mass produced, where we’ve begun to confuse machine-made with quality – it’s refreshing to go back to our roots…

When I saw Bisous La, I fell in love! I visited Helena, the designer, in her studio and it’s up close where you can really appreciate the workmanship, the beautiful thick felt and quirky details that make this brand so unique.

The Bisous La range is made by talented, but underprivileged people all around Asia. Helena told me about all of her pieces, how they’re made, where they’re made… each country with its own form of craft and each piece with its own story…

I just love the idea of surrounding myself with pieces that have meaning… Bisous La has managed to design a collection for women, children and home – which is modern and fresh, yet celebrates age old traditions of handicrafts.

Helena not only works closely with the men and women who craft her pieces – but by working with fair trade organizations, she ensures that they are paid fairly for their work and given the opportunity to provide for their families. This kind of collaboration is exactly what we need more of… and the results are simply beautiful!

Do check out her website – it’s a very happy place full of lovely handmade goods and happy stories!

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