February Favorites

This month is short and sweet – I didn’t buy a lot of new things, but what little I did buy – I’m loving! I also have one tip that really stood out this month and it’s an important one to consider.

1.  This is pure vitamin e oil. You may be familiar with vitamin-e, it’s found in many skin care products for it’s healing properties. I figured, instead of buying the cream, I’ll go straight to the source! I apply this on every night along with my organic rose hip oil and I have to say my skin is loving all the extra attention!

The oil is thick and sticky (that’s why I only apply it at night) and you really just want to dab it on. I focus on areas prone to wrinkles, around my eyes and on my forehead where I get spots from sun damage. Vitamin-e is a powerful antioxidant, it protects cells from free radical damage, which cause pre-mature aging.  It aids in cell regeneration promoting healing and it promotes collagen production maintaining skin’s elasticity.

Give your oil treatment an added boost by also eating foods rich in vitamin-e: Make a spinach salad sprinkled with sunflower seeds!

  • Where I bought it: Guardian ($38)

2. My glass jar. This is about setting yourself up for success. I know that buying detergent in concentrate form is better for our environment: it requires less bottles which equals less plastic, less energy and less waste.

I bought this jar just for that reason. It’s makes it easy for me to make better choices. Instead of buying a container of one-use dish soap, I buy concentrate (I’m currently using IdoCare) and make up my solution as I need.

It has an industrial pharmaceutical look to it, and I like that aesthetic. I enjoy looking at it, I enjoy using it… and when you find something that you like to use, you are more likely to actually use it.

If I find a funky recycling bin or urban kitchen composter – I’ll be all over it!

  • Where I bought it: The Salad Shop, 25 Haji Lane ($35)

3. Baking Soda – natural deodorant! Recently my mother had surgery to remove a cyst growth from her underarm and all of the research seems to be pointing to deodorant as a contributing factor! She has since stopped wearing deodorant full stop – and I’m starting to listen…

I’ve been wearing Rexona Antipersperant Deodorant for years now. To be honest, until just right now, I didn’t notice that it was an antiperspirant, which plugs, blocks and contricts my pores to stop me from sweating. The fact that I don’t sweat is probably the reason why I’ve always like it, that and the fact that it’s pretty cheap.

I’ve come to realize though that I always wear it – even at night after a shower. There are lot of claims that inhibiting your body’s natural function by using chemicals, is being linked to cancer. Especially since the chemical being used – Aliminum, Triclosan, Formaldehyde and Parabens – are known toxins. Like most things – there is a lot of dispute. Some claim antiperspirants and deodorants are safe, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where these “experts” are coming from and if enough research is this area has really been done.

I’m of the opinion – why risk it. I think giving our body a break is a good thing and staying away from harmful toxins is definitely a great thing.

Tip: Look to natural deodorants (it’s not easy – many “natural” deodorants are not as wholesome as they like to appear!) Have a look here. Try to wear less product. Do you wear deodorant at night? Give baking soda a try – dust it on after you shower and who know’s you might find that it does the trick. You might even wear it in the daytime too! My mother swears by it!

  • Where to buy it: Any supermarket, in the baking section

Let me know if you came across any great products or tips this month too! I love to hear from you!

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