A Fresh New Look


Surprise! It looks a lot different in here :) Welcome to the new site – hope you like it! I’ve made a few changes, freshened thing up – but the focus of Little Green Dot remains the same. This space is about inspiring a positive outlook on life – taking responsibility to feel our best and do our best.

Never doubt how impactful your little everyday choices can be. That’s why here you’ll only find simple, practical and easy solutions to help us move towards a greener life.  And of course, it has to be fun – it’s the only thing that’s worked, and stuck, for me/

The fact is, this world needs us to step up and make some changes. Whether you choose to cook up a healthy breakfast, choose to join a community, choose to plant a little herb garden, choose to buy local or choose to make it yourself – it all matters. Your everyday choices make a difference in this world. More so, the process can be enriching and fulfilling for you.

I hope to build a little space that you continue to enjoy spending time in. Let’s keep it positive, fun and real in here! Let me show you around!

 Are you living in Singapore? Then this part is for you. Check out the new Marketplace directory! For dining and shopping, you’ll know what’s green and where to find it!


Have a look around – I’d love to know what you think! There are still a few things to fix and improve, but living green has taught me this: to just start. If we wait for everything to be perfect, we won’t get much done. So for the next week or two, a few little things may continue to change – and it’s all good! :) If you spot any bugs, just email me and we get them all squared away. Thanks!


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