Good-bye Asia…

Natural Skincare Workshop at Indoestri, Jakarta

I’ve just wrapped up a road-trip of natural skincare workshops… which will be my last ones in Asia, for now…

After 15 years of living in Singapore & South-East Asia, we are moving to Florida end of June! It’s an incredibly emotional time for me – and doing these farewell workshops was definitely bittersweet.

I first started teaching workshops in Singapore, where I learned in my own home how to balance a city life with a greener lifestyle. And when you feel like you’re doing something life-changing, it’s hard not to want to share it!

But, oh my goodness – I was full of nerves my first class! And I continued to struggle with that anxiety over the years. Getting up in front of people wasn’t easy for me – but it’s been the best experience I’ve ever had.

Because of this work, I had the chance to teach and connect with hundreds of people at my workshop table, and collaborate with inspiring makers. I’ve even had the honor of being asked to speak on green living to the Minister for the Environment in Singapore. Teaching and sharing my passions brought so many amazing experiences – I’m so grateful for it!

It’s not easy to say goodbye to Asia – but I’m really looking forward to continuing on and holding more workshops in the States!!

For now, I’d love to share some moments from the last series of workshops that we did. Thank you to everyone who’s ever sat at my table to learn! Xx


Good-bye Asia |

I was invited to teach at this amazing Makerspace called Indoestri. If you’re ever there – they do a lot of different workshops – you must check them out!

It was my first time in Jakarta –  which is a major city in Indonesia and it’s a lot like any other city – fast paced. So teaching these slower, natural living skills was a really good feeling. I taught two classes, five hours each – and showed my students everything I know about creating really good natural skincare.

Good-bye Asia |

Good-bye Asia |

Good-bye Asia |


We met at Touch the Toes. If you’re looking for eco-friendly yoga gear in Singapore, it’s definitely a shop to check out!

We sat cosy on the studio floor and cooked up a hydrosol, which is a recipe that I learned from a traditional skincare maker while in Bali!

Good-bye Asia |

Good-bye Asia |

And after the workshop – I’ve already gotten emails from students showing me their homemade hydrosols – which is the best feeling in the world!

To top it all off – a few of my favorite Singapore brands provided products for me to put together a goody bag for each student. Everyone got to try out:

Good-bye Asia |

So it’s goodbye to Asia for now. I had so much fun hosting these workshops, thanks so much to everyone who joined me! I look forward to new adventures in the States!

If you run a workshop space in the US, or would like to collaborate on projects, please reach out! Leave me a comment, or email me at [email protected] – I’d love to connect.


PS: I love you so much Singapore. Sending you all my love – be good to yourself and each other.

Militza xx

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Comments (7)

  • militza
    Jojo Reply

    Welcome to FL! I am in the Orlando area. Would love to come to a workshop once you get settled.

  • militza
    Carina Reply

    How exciting! Where will you be in Florida? I’m in Tampa, hopefully I’ll be able to make it to a workshop.

  • militza
    Tamatha Reply

    Hi Militza,
    I’m selfishly excited that you will be coming to the States. When my spa is finished I would love to have you come visit me in Connecticut. I know it’s hard leaving familiar surroundings but change makes new opportunities. XOXO Tamatha

  • militza
    Joanna Reply

    Thank you Militza for sharing your life and passion with us. You’ve inspired me to care for myself with Nature’s gifts and ingredients from the kitchen. Keep up the wonderful work and may the best of life and health be yours.

  • militza
    Claudie Bukmanis Reply

    It was great meeting you 2 years ago in a workshop in Singapore Militza -I don’t always ‘take’ the time to do all the recipes but I still get inspired by what you do – do not change and thank you for keeping us aware and educated ! All the best in Florida ! Take Care

  • militza
    POLYN Reply

    Wow what a huge change. Good luck to you!


    Hi! Yes! Thank you for the well wishes and the good luck!! I’ll take it :)

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