Great find – 100% Pure

My search for the perfect  lipstick for Fall led me to 100% Pure. I spotted this brand while out shopping and straight away tested a sample of a beautiful deep red color. First impressions: It’s goes on so smooth and is super pigmented! And then I find out it’s pigmented with fruit?! Wow! I decided to go straight to the distributor to find out more about this fruitful brand.

I met with Janet and she sat with me for a good hour, laying out the entire range – and never did once complain about my baby’s attention-seeking shrieks or the mess of crumbs she left on her office floor!

Here are some great facts:

  • 100% Pure has an impressively wide range of products  – from skin care, to bath and body, cosmetics and baby products.
  • The entire range is 100% all-natural, vegan, full of certified organic content and free of any harsh detergents, chemical preservatives, synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances.
  • None of the products contain water. The main ingredient is either aloe vera juice or rose water! This means you are get pure concentrated ingredients in each product.
  • The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • The makers of 100% Pure are ardent vegetarians and make sure that not only is their product never tested on animals, but none of the ingredients used in their products have been tested on animals.
  • Janet has been selling 100% Pure for 6 years now and recently met with the makers in USA to talk about the specific needs of her customers in Singapore.

It’s great having the opportunity to view a range close-up, to test and feel each product as it’s presented to you. This treatment is not exclusive to celebrities and nosy bloggers – she opens her office to everyone! You are welcome to pop in and enjoy not only this personal service, but also a 12% discount! Get the details here !

I ended up buying the foundation and powder:

The foundation has an SPF of 20 which is great. There’s no water – the main ingredient is aloe vera juice, which has great natural benefits for the skin. I love that it’s colored from the pigments of fruits and vegetables rather than being colored from minerals or synthetic dyes! Does it work? Yes! The bottle states “full coverage/satin finish” and that’s exactly how I’d describe it.

The powder also carries an SPF of 20 and is made with vitamins and antioxidants and has ingredients like eculaptyus and calendula – I love this stuff!

I find that when I wear the two together, I’m good to go – I have not had to touch-up throughout the day. Granted, I’m not really a touch-up kind of person, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve not had to worry about it, which is exactly what I want.

I’m very happy to support this brand. 100% Pure have produced a product, which for me, performs as well as any conventional brand but they’ve done it with great respect to our earth and the little bunnies who like to live on it.

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