Ten Handmade Jewelry Makers You Should Know


If you like personalised jewelry, I think you’ll love this idea! I’ve worn my own name, my kids names on jewelry – but recently I thought I’d do something a little different.

I have these personal mantras, little things that I often say to myself. Some of them are:

Create Your Life – That’s what my alarm clock flashes at me at 5:30 am, and that’s exactly the intention I get up with.

We Take the Stairs – When I have the choice between taking the stairs or the escalator – I think to myself “we take the stairs” – I feel pumped about it, like we’re all doing it.

If I were more brave – I would tattoo all of my intentions onto my arm – but I’ve found another way.

I recently ordered two bracelets (this one and this one), inscribed with a message to myself – and ever since I got them, I’ve barely taken them off!

They’ve become my everyday staple, and my little reminders.


Here’s what they say:

  • Change your State – this lesson has been big for me, to know that we  choose the state that we’re in: vibrant and happy or down and sad. Life feels very different and I act differently depending on what state I’m in, so if I’m not liking how I feel, I choose to change it. I’m in control – and I’m grateful for that.
  • Do more – Do more of what you love. Do more work. Do more for others…  I know that when I choose to do more – it stretches me and it helps me grow.

What would your personal message be to yourself?

If you like the idea of wearing your own personal manifesto – here are some beautiful, handmade jewelry makers that I think you should know about:



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