Holiday Giveaway // Green Box

Holiday Giveaway // Green Box

In the spirit of giving, this month’s Little Green Dot Giveaway is worth over $100 of natural, healthy and green products for you to play with at home! You’ll have a box full of goodies delivered to your home – things I’ve tried and loved – from natural skincare to healthy & delicious treats!

  1. Herbs de Provence: this flavourful herb blend makes a simple dish taste exceptionally good. It’s made cooking really easy :) I add it to my chicken, roast veg it pairs well with italian dishes too.
  2. Shea butter: this is my intensive moisturiser. At night, massage it onto your feet, elbows and anywhere that needs a little extra help. My husband had a bit of eczema and shea butter cleared it right up!
  3. Coola Tinted Sunblock: whatever the weather, protect your skin from harmful UV. This tinted sunblock is perfect for your face, it’s very lightweight so it works well under makeup. It has a really neat mattifying effect, and provides a bit of coverage too – sometimes I use it on its own!
  4. Chia Seeds: nothing gives me more energy than a green shake with a tablespoon of chia seeds. They’re incredible. Plus you can have fun making chia puddings, really simple and delicious treats!
  5. Cacao Bliss: great for an afternoon snack – I like it on slices of apple!
  6. Argan Oil: one of the most healing and restorative oils I’ve tried. It’s really good for ageing skin, sun damaged skin – it’s light and absorbs quickly. Apply it straight onto your skin or create a blend with other oils. You can apply it onto your hair as well. You’ll love it!
  7. Firming Eye Cream: I tried it and loved it straight away! It’s lightweight and feels really effective. It’s a firming eye cream, but I also apply down around my laugh lines as well.


This giveaway is open to 25 countries worldwide, with lots of ways to improve your chances of winning! Good luck :)

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