I’m Breaking up with Processed Cheese

My relationship with food is not entirely healthy. Overall, we get on well, but like any relationship, we have our problems. For instance, I tend to want what’s bad for me -mainly processed cheese. But as I age, I’m beginning to want something better. I no longer want a cheap fling – a can of Cheez Whiz; I want a meaningful connection – a round of brie!

(If that analogy is lost on you, it’s because you did not spend your teenage years making bad food choices in America)

So now I find myself in a place where I don’t wish to support the people who have learned how to make my food quickly, cheaply and with little regard to its consequences. Instead, I’d like to connect with the people who make my food with great respect, passion and with a high regard for what they create.

At first, I didn’t know where to find these food creators, but then I started hanging around farmer’s markets and specialty shops.  Something interesting happened – I started hearing peoples stories. The women who marinates olives from her uncle’s olive tree. The man who roasts his own coffee beans. What I noticed, is that their stories all shared a common theme: quality. They all sought out the best ingredients, they all cared about what went into their food and, equally, what didn’t, and they all had respect for our earth – for what it provided. 

Inspired, I wanted to be part of that world and to step away from the one that just really was never any good for me. 

Here’s what I’ve learned: being eco-friendly really means being connected. It means being interested, aware and making conscious choices. For me, I choose to seek out people who make great products, to spend a little more money for better quality and to contribute to ways of making food that are healthy for us and for our planet. 

Even if it means cutting down and having less, instead of buying a whole box of store bought doughnuts (which I love), I’d now rather spend my money on that one beautiful slice of organic cake from that nice baker, eat it slowly, thoughtfully and with great pleasure, because I know that I’ve chosen – the meaningful connection.

Oh great… now I’m hungry for cake. 

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