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Do you ever feel like there are far too many “superfoods” to keep track of? Goji Berries, Quinoa, Flaxseed, Bee Pollen… And when you do buy it, you can find yourself holding a sack of seeds and not really knowing what to do with it! It can get a bit overwhelming and sometimes I feel as if I need a little focused inspiration…

Well, I have found just that! My New Roots is a food blog written by a Holistic Nutritionalist/Vegetarian Chef. She has a fun loving, positive approach to healthy eating and delivers delicious, healthy recipes wrapped up in mouthwatering photography!

If you are  are looking for a little inspiration for eating organic, vegan, raw, vegetarian, gluten free or simply healthy food… take a look here. Get ready to learn a lot!

Some of my favorites:

Black Bean Chocolate Chilli Cherry Cookies. A superfood cookie? Doesn’t that sound amazing!

Poppy Seed Butternut Squash with Kale and Pomegranates You may have noticed pomegranates in the supermarket recently – well, now you know what to make with it! In Singapore, I often see kale sold in Four Seasons Organic Market.

Simple Gourmet Granola and – you know I love it – inspiring photography showing us how to re-purpose old jars to make a lovely gift.

Salted Caramel Dip The yummy healthy version that is!

Drink Your Sunblock! Goji Ginger Lemonade I’m loving this one!!

Black Rice is The New Brown – A beauty food! In Singapore, Mekhala Living have a great line of black rice body care and food products – you can find organic black rice for this recipe here.

Good Gravy Vegans – this one you’ll love!

Bee Pollen Smoothie Have you ever seen bee pollen sold in health food stores and wondered what that’s all about. Me too… now I know!

Happy eating!

All photos are from My New Roots

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