Last Minute Gift Idea – Dark Chili Chocolate Bar!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and you might find yourself in need of a last minute gift. You don’t really have time to make something, but you feel that you should make an effort. You’re right, but please don’t go and buy a box of chocolate-like substance  or a bouquet of pesticide coated flowers…it screams last minute gift and it doesn’t fall in line with your eco-friendly efforts! Here’s an idea for something much sweeter to give!

Chocolat Stella do an Organic Dark Chocolate Chili that is amazing! Pure rich dark chocolate, perfectly sweetened and with a pop of chili that makes this chocolate bar special enough to stand on it’s own! No box of waxy chocolate can match this, I promise!

Fun fact:

Dark chocolate is a superfood! It’s rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant which protect against heart disease! Eat 1 or 2 squares everyday for a healthy heart!

Chili stimulates endorphin production, which eases tension and gives a feeling of pleasure!


Pick one up at Cold Storage, Jason’s Marketplace or at an organic health food shop. If you happen to walk past a pretty plant, take a small snippet and you’ll have yourself a perfectly sweet gift! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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