Last Minute Gift Idea

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Do you find yourself with two days till Christmas but still looking for a gift?

At this point, what you risk is entering the mall, getting completely stressed out by all the other 10,000 last minute shoppers and inevitably spending too much money on something that you’re not even that excited about.

You care about this person, that’s why you want to buy them a gift, but this person would not want you to do it in this way.

Instead, stay home, make a cup of tea, have a look through some worthy causes and donate to a charity in their name. Print it out, roll it up like a diploma, tie a bow around it – and tell them it’s a small token…a way to help spread the joy!

SG Gives

Give directly to Singapore registered charities and dedicate it to your loved one. You can choose from various projects from animals to children and environment. When you donate you can dedicate to someone, so that they can clearly see their name and contribution.

World Vision Singapore

Choose from many of their great programs, mostly focused on underprivileged children and also families affected by natural disasters like floods and typhoons. Here you can help to give clean water, food and necessary medical supplies. World Vision can also send an e-mail out to person you’re dedicating the donation to, with a photo and short message about how they’ve helped.

photo image: watershedasia, another great charity.

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