Lessons From a 1 Year Old Person

My little baby girl just had her 1st birthday! It’s an amazing thing to view life through a little one’s eyes – it offers a whole new perspective.

As we age, I think we lose that sense of wonder about the world around us that we once had. Life becomes busy and complicated, we become cynical and self-conscious. A couple years ago I wouldn’t play on the beach the way I do today or bust out singing a song in public. My kids give me an excuse to act silly again and it has brought out the child in me that once saw the magic in everyday life.

With my girls, when we see a trail of ants, we stop to look. When we see a gecko, we pretend it’s a dinosaur, and when we go for a swim, we always get chased by a shark. Sure, I go right back to being an adult for most of my day, but having those moments is truly a gift and all thanks to my baby girls.

From a very lucky Mom, I wish Meabh a very happy birthday and a lifetime of adventure, discovery and wonderment.

p.s. Let’s play a game! Today, do something that you would only have done as a kid. How about skip down the street, or, if you’re walking down steps, stop and jump the last three. Or do like my little girl does and smile at a stranger.

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