Love the Weekends!

How was your weekend? Here’s a peek into what we got up to!

  • Meabh helped me to unpack the groceries!

Thanks? :)

I did come away with great find from the supermarket: local aeroponic romaine lettuce! Modern Urban Farming! I’ll be doing a Locavore Caesar Salad recipe soon, so look out for that!

  • We made homemade crepes using this recipe. Amazing! For the filling, we mixed: natural yogurt, fresh blueberries (mashed up by my eager 4 year old) and honey to sweeten.

Blueberries are fantastic – they have one of the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit (which is important against cancer and aging related effects) and help to boost up the immune system, which is especially good for our little ones!

Or you could try some local fruit – how about local bananas with the yogurt and honey or look out for Malaysian passionfruit in the supermarket – make a compote with that!

This little monkey only wanted to eat it! Since I had made it with all food ingredients, I wasn’t too worried! :)

  • We played in our neighborhood park…

I swear, little ones are fueled by sunshine! They definitely belong outdoors, running barefoot on the grass!

I myself am feeling completely refueled and ready for the week ahead! Hope you had a great weekend too!


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