Where can you buy coconut oil in Singapore?

where can i get coconut oil in singapore?! need it in my life as soon as possible!

Hi diaryofapoledancestudent!

Thanks for the question! I’ve seen virgin coconut oil in most natural food stores or organic shops, but there’s also an online shop here in Singapore that sells virgin coconut oil, and even coconut sugar.

organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, Singapore

Here’s the link: CocoNurture

Just make sure that the coconut oil you buy is:

  • virgin – in that it has not been refined – a process which uses chemicals
  • cold-pressed – in that no heat is used to express the oil – the heat damages the natural properties that we’re after
  • pure – in that it has not been mixed or cut with other ingredients or oils
  • also check that it has not been deodorized or bleached

So what you want is just pure raw virgin coconut oil!

I also suggest that you try this treatment on a day where you don’t have plans. It can be a bit oily and might need one or two washes… but afterwards your hair will be soft and lovely, and over time and use, your scalp will be nourished, promoting healthy hair growth.


  • Hi! From coconurture website, I see that they sell coconut oil hair shampoo (now OOS) and the coconut intense scalp treatment. Will you recommend me to get the Organic Ultra Light Virgin Coconut Oil or the hair shampoo+ intense scalp treatment? Which method will I see the results faster? I have thinning hair and desperately need help.

    • Hi Hanna! Give the scalp treatment a go – with hair it’s all about the scalp. Then make sure you are feeding your body well, high is omega-3 fatty acids, protein! If you eat fish, salmon is a great source of both!

  • Thanks Karen and militza! I’ll take note. Currently using as moisturizer for my face. It’s amazing so far :)

  • One other brand is Agrilife from Thailand.
    They have the extra virgin ones as well as one that is good for cooking in 750 ml. It is called Coconut Cooking Oil and it is available in NTUC Finest Marine Parade, Thomson Plaza, Bishan J8, Bukit Timah Plaza & Zhong San.
    This one when used to cooked, the coconut smell lingers a little in your kitchen, but lesser in your food.

  • Hi Aishah, from what i know, coconut oil that has no smell and taste is relatively difficult to find. But i have seen some in the market that are not so strong in smell. Unfortunately, those are processed to have the smell and taste removed, and therefore nutrients would definitely be lost.

  • Hi! I have the extra virgin coconut oil and made the mistake of using it for cooking. The smell and taste makes my stomach churn. Just wondering if there are any types that retain all the nutrients but no smell and taste?

    • Hi Aishah,

      Coconut oil does have character… I love the taste – but I know it’s not for everyone! :) Karen’s right – you can get it, but it’s been processed and looses many of it’s healthy benefits. But, it remains a very stable oil – good for cooking on high heat.

      One brand that you can try is Aunt Patty’s. I find their refined oil to be pretty neutral. It’s sold in Cold Storage and some of the healthier food stores. This is the brand: bit.ly/1perexZ

      But do keep experimenting with your oil… I love cooking eggs with it! Try it, just don’t use too much :)

  • Hey Marisa,

    It’s pretty much shelf-stable unless you want it to be harden, than you might want to consider storing it in the fridge. The last time round without knowing how to store it, I kept it in the fridge for couple of weeks and well it turned into a solid hard stone!

    Just make sure it doesn’t get mixed with other food while storing it, else it will get a pretty foul smell through the contamination.

  • Do we need to keep the coconut oil in the fridge after opening? Cause there’s no instructions on the bottle..

  • LOHASIA online store sells Mekhala organic coconut oil 400ml for S$25.00, shipping does cost $10 unless total order over $120, then free.

    I buy my oil in bulk so that’s easy!

    Singapore companies…. buy local!

  • Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for the recommendation – very value for money and good to see that it’s USDA approved (rather than FDA approved).

  • Hi Militza,
    I read that coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer as well. Just wondering whether you’ve had experience with that (instead of just using it for the body). If so, just apply neat? Wouldn’t it be too oily and will it cause the facial skin to clog?
    I read as well that you can feed it to cats and dogs, and moisturize their fur.

  • Try Simple Mill Raw Virgin Coconut oil sold in Fairprice. It’s organic, cold pressed, and unrefined.

    I have been using it everyday for the past 6 months and loving it.

    • Hi there oceanskies! There’s 2 ways of consumption, one’s by directly consuming it and the other is by purchasing the VCO softgel. :)

  • Hi! Can I use the Ultra Light Virgin Coconut Oil from coconuture to apply to my skin and hair?
    How about consuming it directly?
    I’m a little confused by the description on the site since it’s mainly on the culinary usage.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Cho!

      Yes, you can. The great thing about this particular brand is that they do not refine the oils with the use of heat or chemicals – so all the beneficial properties are still intact, which means you’ll get benefits out of either.

      If you plan on eating the oil too – then choose one that you’d prefer to both use on your skin and eat ( refined: slightly less coconut oil/smell. unrefined: more of a coconut flavour/smell)

      hope that helps

  • I just want to share this Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling. (http://www.wellandgoodnyc.com/2012/03/06/oil-pulling-new-yorkers-trade-listerine-for-this-ayurvedic-detox-method/)

    It rids the skin of toxins, cleans the teeth, and the breath. The end result: healthy glowing skin from the inside-out.
    I use CocoNurture’s Organic Premium Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil and swish it around my mouth for about 15 minutes before spitting it out.

    I suggest starting with about 5mins and slowly increasing it as you get used to the taste of the coconut oil.


    • Hi Suhar,

      Coconut oil is very stable, so its shelf life is longer than other virgin oils – It should be good for 1 year. All of your other oils – like virgin olive oil should be consumed within 3-6 months once you open the bottle.

  • Hihi! Thats Awesome! Thanks for your reply! I’ll probably get their package that comes with the 2 oils and sugar :)

    I can add the ultra light into coffee as well yea?

  • hihi, you mentioned in your article that we can use coconut oil for our skin, so with coconurture’s products, can I use the ultra light oil for moisterising my skin?

    As for the culinary one, is it solely for cooking? Or can that also be used for moisterising too? Would it be too strong or rich for the skin?

    • Hi Pam – yes with this brand you can use either – because they do not heat the oils to refine them, just pass them through a filter more times. Ultra light is for eating raw to make salad dressing, to add in your smoothie things like that. The culinary one has less of a coconut flavour and smell so it’s better suited for cooking – but either are great for the skin too!

    • Hi Anita, are you looking for an oil or herb to use for your hair? If oil – go for a virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil. I promote my friends company, CocoNurture, because I personally know her business and think she’s done a great job sourcing good quality, cold-pressed coconut oil. She has a culinary oil and a raw oil – you can use both for your hair, so choose one that you’d most likely use in the kitchen too, to get double use out of it. Check out the site here:


      for herbs:
      rosemary is great to promote hair growth, it stimulates blood flow, and is a powerful antioxidant to help protect your scalp from the free-radicals (sun, bacteria)
      mint is great to stimulate blood flow
      lavender is great for scalp infections, or dandruff

      hope that helps! :)

    • Hi Nur – coconut oil is great at boosting the immune system – it’s a powerful antibacterial so keeps unhealthy bacteria in check – and that has a lot to do with its high content of lauric acid – which is what builds the strong immune system. It’s what is found in mother’s breast milk to grow healthy bodies :)

      I think including coconut oil in your diet is more about building a strong body – rather than a cure for illness. So getting in a little everyday can be a great thing to do! :)

  • Hi everybody! You can buy organic virgin coconut oil from http://www.iherb.com They sell for very cheap prices and the best part is the delivery price is reasonable too as you can order using SingPost. I will strongly encourage you all to you buy it from there not just coconut oil but other health related products too!

  • Hi, I’m thinking of getting coconut oil for my hair from coconurture. But im no5 sure if i should get the culinary one (organic premium culinary virgin coconut oil) or the one for raw cinsumption (organic ultra light virgin coconut oil). Which do you recommend? Thanks.

    • Hi Elaine! The difference is that the culinary oil has been passed through the filtering process more, to remove some of the coconut taste and smell. But, because they don’t bleach or deodorise it – it still retains it’s nutrients – so you can use either. If you plan to use your oil for cooking as well, then get the culinary – I like to use it for everything, even scrambling eggs! It has less of a coconut-y taste, so it’s more versatile… Personally, I enjoy the flavor of coconut oil, so for things like green shakes and salad dressings, where I eat it raw, I use the light oil. They both retain their nutrients, so you get the benefits externally and internally, whichever you use.

      Choose the one that you think you’ll get more use out of: culinary for cooking. Light for eating raw.

      hope that helps!

  • As i know all oils from the coconut need to be heated to be extracted. if not heated then it remains milk. Help me here?

    • Hi! Cold-pressed oils may incur some heat in the process, but in order to be considered “cold-pressed” the temperature mustn’t rise above 120°F (49°C) What they usually do is shred the coconut, dehydrate the meat, then press it or run it through a centrifugal machine until the oils come out. Actually when you see dry shredded coconut flakes in the supermarket, they are defatted, it’s what is left after you extract the oil. Hope that helps! :)

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is available in many organic stores nowadays. You can also find them in supermarket chain stores like NTUC Finest & Cold Storage. Just make sure you get the organic ones that are unrefined!

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