Hands-On Life

Looking to do-it-yourself in Singapore? Find the best raw materials and make things yourself in the Little Green Dot Marketplace.

Hands-On Life

ezGROW green lifestyle kit 

online store
ezGROW is the first ever urban agriculture system that is truly affordable for the masses.
The unique farming modules are small and lightweight, making it the ideal choice for farming in your own home.
ezGROW is a product of Urban Green Art Pte Ltd and it is designed to make the process of home farming a fun and easy process. Now everyone can be a farmer with our ezGROW hook-on kit.
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20 MacTaggart Road #05-02 Khong Guan Industrial Building Singapore 368079

Here you’ll find a large supply of glass and plastic bottles for storing your handmade products. They have cosmetic bottles, jars, amber bottles, spray bottles and more.

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O’Green Living 

31 Kranji Crescent 759928

O’Green Living (OGL) is your one stop solution provider for your gardening and urban farming needs. OGL in-house manufacture of Vermicast, compost and potting soil benefit customers with lowest product’s prices and AVA quality assurance reports.

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The DIY Secrets 

Online store T: +65 9822 0307

Your supplier of soap nuts for completely all-natural cleaning! Make your own soap for household cleaning, laundry and even body!

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The Wholesome Co. 

Online Store T: [email protected]

Your DIY kit for growing your own microgreens from home, to embark on eating more sustainably. The Wholesome Co. also hosts food-growing workshops and supperclubs for private and corporate events.

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