Join our workshop!

I’m so excited to announce this!  

I’ve partnered up with Del behind Four Cow Farm – I’ve talked to you about her before (read her 5 tips for choosing healthy skincare!), she has a lovely line of all natural skin care for babies and children – she’s incredibly knowledgeable and I know that I’ve learned a lot from her! For this workshop, we’ll be looking at the ingredients found in common household cleaners and the negative impact they are having on our health and on our planet. Then we’ll go right into some great solutions for detoxifying your home!

This workshop is hands on – We’ll be teaching you how to create your very own natural and effective cleaners! You’ll get to make my favorite All-Purpose Cleaner and take it home with you! 

Here’s how I describe the workshop on the flyer: 

The average household uses over 60 different chemical products! This toxic mix that we bring into our homes hurts our health, our families and our planet – there is a better way! 

Learn how to identify toxic ingredients in household cleaning products and how to find safer alternatives!

Join us on this fun 1 hour workshop – create your very own products and come home with recipes, ideas and solutions to detoxify your home! 

Sounds good?! Sadly, we have limited space, so if you’re interested, make sure to sign up now to guarantee your spot. 

email me at: [email protected] 

When: March 15th, Thursday, 10am
Where: Smitten Cafe at 60, Robertson Quay
#01-11 The Quayside
Cost: $15 – this includes 

– Refreshments
– Guide to Your Non-Toxic Home
– Your take-home product 

I so look forward to meeting you – I do hope that you can make it! If you’re interested, do let me know and if we can’t fit you all – not a problem – we’ll do it again!

We hope to make these workshops a regular event, with people like yourself who want to make a difference! 

See you there!  :)

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