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Hi! We are busy planning our newest workshop, Detoxify Your Toddler’s Menu, which means that the last couple of weeks has been about experimenting with recipes, experimenting on my children and basically making a big mess in the kitchen. My idea of a good time!

I’m so proud of this new course – we’ve gone all out for this one! I know my children are pretty happy too – they’ve been trying out a few extra Green Living treats and choosing their top favorites!

Needless to say, it’s been a bit crazy around here lately, but that’s how we like it! For this week, I thought it might be a good opportunity to go back in the Little Green Dot catalog, and show you some of my most popular posts…

1. 10 Repurposing Ideas That Make Life Easier!
2. Make it – Antibacterial Hand Scrub
3. End Junk Mail Today!

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. Something that I have recently discovered during one of my testing sessions, is that a toddler will drink anything out of a straw. It’s fascinating.

If your little one eats cereal, but leaves the milk – give them a straw. Doesn’t want to eat their soup? Give them a straw!  Trust me!


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