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Ride out into nature

I’m not sure about you, but, when it comes to spending times outdoors – it’s not something that comes entirely natural to me. I don’t particularly love the heat and I’m definitely not friends with all the insects flying about. But here’s what I know… when I do spend time in nature, I love the way that I feel. I wish it was easier to say “just do more of what you love!” We all know what’s good for us, but it doesn’t always mean that we act upon it.

Spending time in nature is important. It grounds us and connects us with that which we are inherently part of. It reminds us of what it is that we are protecting.

Here’s what I’ve found. If I set myself up for a happy day in nature – on those days when I take out my bike, pack my favorite blanket, pack a yummy lunch and bring along some essentials – I always end up having a great time. I come back feeling restored and part of something beautiful.

For your next excursion, here are some fun tips I’ve come across:

Have a happy weekend!


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