No Stress Steam Oven Cleaner

This time of year is definitely oven season! Turkeys, cookies, bubbling pumpkin pies – and the mess cakes on. Let me show you a simple way to clean your oven with a No Stress Steam Oven Cleaner. Spoiler alert: it makes your house smell amazing! 

No Stress Oven Cleaner | Little Green Dot

Let me start with saying that commercial oven cleaners are considered to be one of the more toxic cleaning products. Highly caustic, oven cleaners are a concentrated lye – and the fumes created can cause breathing complications, burning, coughing…

We’re just trying to clean our oven… without chocking. 

So, let’s simplify things  – and let steam do the work for us.

How to Steam Clean your Oven

How this works is simple, the combination of a very hot oven and steam loosens up caked on food.

Don’t look at my oven glass door! Okay, do look – I’ll show you the after :) 

No Stress Oven Cleaner | Little Green Dot

Vinegar is a fantastic cleaner, it deodorises your oven and removes any strong smells from cooking (that baked fish, or burnt chicken – whooops!)

We’re adding orange essential oil to the mix because it’s a really good degreaser and helps to break down and remove grease and fat. The cinnamon, okay – that’s for fun. It makes the house smell incredible and its so festive this time of year!

So to start, turn the oven on hot! 400f/200c

In an oven proof pan or dish – pour in the water and vinegar – that’s one cup of each.

No Stress Oven Cleaner | Little Green Dot

Then, add in your orange essential oil – 15 drops will do it.

No Stress Oven Steamer | Little Green Dot

And then, why not, a stick of cinnamon…

No Stress Oven Cleaner | Little Green Dot

All you need to do now is put it into your HOT oven for 20 minutes. (not longer, it will evaporate)

No Stress Oven Cleaner | Little Green Dot

The steam will loosen things up so that it’s easier for you to scrub everything clean… If you need a little extra elbow grease – use the Orange Scented Scrub.

Don’t throw out the vinegar water! When it’s cooled enough, dip your sponge in this to give the oven a final wipe down.

And then look! That’s one clean oven! I could have my mom and my landlord over for dinner and leave the oven door open, no worries. Ha!

No Stress Oven Cleaner | Little Green Dot

Enjoy the holiday food-fest, cook up lots of delicious things and keep your oven clean, naturally!

No Stress Steam Oven Cleaner

No Stress Oven Cleaner | Little Green Dot
No Stress Oven Cleaner | Little Green Dot


  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 15 drops orange essential oil
  • for aroma: 1 stick cinnamon


  • preheat your oven to 400f/200c
  • pour all of the ingredients in a oven proof pot or dish
  • place it in the oven for 20 minutes (not longer, it will evaporate)
  • let it bubble away and create steam
  • remove it from the oven and set the vinegar water aside to cool
  • don’t burn yourself – begin to scrub away inside the oven
  • if you need a little extra elbow grease, use the Orange Scented Scrub
  • use the vinegar water to rinse off and wipe down all the inside of the oven
  • you can also make this and put into the oven right after you cook, while the oven is still hot to deodorize

If you think someone can use this tip, politely hit those share buttons below. Ha! :)

So, what are you cooking up in your oven lately? Any good holiday recipes you look forward to making?

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