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This class is taught live, February 20th 2021 | 11 AM EST

Are you feeling drawn to herbalism and working with the skin? This two-part course will give you a deep dive into skincare herbalism, learning the connection between skin, body and mind  -and the herbs used externally, that support radiance and wellbeing.

Learn directly from herbalist and seasoned skincare educator, Militza Maury, and her process for working with the skin, called Skin Readings. She will help you understand how to tune into your own skin, learn its unique profile, and understand its needs.

This is a two-session class:

FEB 20th LIVE CLASS: The Skin and the herbs 

You’ll learn how to read skin “conditions” as skin “messages” -communicating the body’s innermost physical and emotional needs. Using the insights that you receive from the skin as a roadmap, you’ll then learn how to choose the herbs, oils, and practices that respond to the needs of the skin and body, and get to the root of the imbalances.

  • Skin Literacy, how to learn the language of the skin
  • Skin Elements, discover your skin’s unique profile
  • Herbs, how to match the right herb to your skin and its needs

Videos and Guides: The recipes and the routines 

You’ll learn traditional and modern skincare preparations, the art & skill of making whole food skincare. You’ll learn how to dry fresh herbs, prepare herbal powders, infuse oils, vinegar, honey, and create incredible skincare routines focused on nourishment and enjoyment.

  • Herbal Skincare formulating: thinking through skin need, to create a skincare plan
  • Herbal Skincare preparations: making herbal powders, making herbal infusions
  • Holistic skincare, adding in lifestyle elements that address the full needs of the skin, body, and min.

What you receive: 

  • The live class is taught live through Zoom. You can engage and ask questions
  • Classtime is 90 minutes – with extra time for q&a
  • You will receive printable materials and reference guides to go with the class
  • Class Recording. If you cannot attend the live presentation, you will still receive the recording and can watch any time.

Who is this class for?

  • This class is for beginners who want to learn more about wellness, herbalism, skincare, and create their own self-healing.
  • This class is for practitioners (massage therapists, nurses, aestheticians, healers) who want to use herbal skincare as a way to support their clients.
  • This class is not for those interested in working with synthetic ingredients, isolates, or actives. We only use whole-plant and whole-food ingredients, with recipes that are carefully thought out to be naturally shelf-stable and long-lasting.

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