Mentor Consultation 1:hour


Book a call to “pick my brain” when you need formulation guidance or want to speak with a mentor (about herbs, blends, sourcing, beauty that empowers…) and get clarity around your ideas.



As a skincare herbalist, with years of experience working in the beauty industry – I can provide insights to help elevate your brand, and bring clarity to your formulation ideas.
Whether you need support in developing your unique perspective, formulating your herbal blends, planning out your skincare line, or creating an outstanding experience for your customers – having a mentor helps you to get clear and to take action.

Before our call, we will create an outline – of the top 3 questions that you have – so that we can maximize our time and make sure to address your most important needs.The sessions are held virtually, via Zoom. We can also connect by phone if you prefer!

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