SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring


It's the time of the year to blossom!

If you’re a foodie and you love cooking with whole foods – then you’re going to LOVE making your own whole food skincare!

If you want to simplify your beauty routine, and use products that are good for your skin and that you can feel good about using, you'll love these Spring-inspired natural skincare recipes.

Even if you're just getting started, this guidebook will take you step by step, and teach you the exact skills you need to create your own safe & effective natural skincare.

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Here’s what’s inside SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring:

Spring Whole Food Skincare Recipe Book

  • ✓ 60 pages of my exact step-by-step guide to creating luxury natural skincare at home.
  • ✓ 14 easy-to-follow recipes with step-by-step directions, full-color photos and advice on how to select & customize the perfect recipes for your skin type.
  • ✓ Herbs & Flowers guide and Pantry Staples guide explain exactly how seasonal, whole food ingredients combine to make safe and effective natural skincare products for Spring.
  • ✓ Printable shopping lists, ingredients quick customization guide and at-a-glance skincare plans make creating the perfect skincare routine easy.

Hydrosol & Oil Infusion Workshops

  • ✓ You’ll receive 2 specially recorded video workshops that walk you through the process of making hydrosols & oil infusions, two key ingredients in luxury skincare products, step-by-step.
  • ✓ Imagine making your own cucumber hydrosol or rose water. I’ll show you how in this exclusive workshop. You’ll see the exact techniques I use to create amazing skincare ingredients at a fraction of what they cost in stores.

Access to SIMPLIFY Skin Private Community

  • ✓ As a bonus, when you purchase SIMPLIFY Skin SEASONS: Spring or any of the SEASONS digital bundles, you’ll get access to our private, invite-only community of like-minded makers. Exchange ideas and recipes, share your successes and even meet up in person; I can’t wait for you to meet your fellow SIMPLIFY Skin classmates.

With SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring, you’ll be amazed to see the kinds of skincare that you can make from common kitchen pantry ingredients!

The skill of making your own solutions will save you time, money and help you live a more healthy, happy and green lifestyle.

I look forward to teaching you!

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