SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Summer


Turn seasonal grocery store ingredients into safe & effective natural skincare this Summer.

As Spring turns to Summer, it makes me feel good to know that I can get in the kitchen and make something thirst-quenching skincare. And I'm excited to share these recipes with you.

The SIMPLIFY Skin Summer Series is the perfect way to take care of your skin — naturally — this Summer.

You're going to learn how to use seasonal pantry ingredients to create safe and effective skincare to beat the heat and keep your skin smooth, soft and hydrated, even through the hottest days.

The video workshops, printable guides and worksheets with show you, step-by-step, just how easy it can be to make your own luxury Summer skincare collection. You also learn how natural ingredients work with your exact skin type, so you can mix-and-match ingredients, customize your skincare and create a lifetime of safe & effective skincare products.

And because this is an online workshop, no matter where you are, at home or on holidays, you can press play anytime – and create seasonal, natural skincare, that works!

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Here’s what’s inside…

SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Summer NEW!

Summer Herbal Skincare Guidebook

  • 28-page printable guide explaining how you can use common pantry ingredients to create safe and effective skincare. Beat the heat and keep your skin smooth, soft and hydrated, even through the hottest days!
SIMPLIFY Skin Summer Edition - Table of Contents |
SIMPLIFY Skin Summer Edition - Recipe Section |

Video Recipe Workshops

  • Follow along as I teach you the steps to make my exclusive Summer collection of 8 natural skincare recipes, with advice on how to customize your recipes using ingredient swaps and essential oils.

  • Learn to make:
    • Lemongrass Infused Oil – a skin soothing body oil in hot summer day.
    • Lemongrass Hydrosol – like a vitamin water for your skin – very hydrating and therapeutic.
    • Spray-On Lotion – all the elements of a good lotion without any of the fuss.
    • Beachy Facial Cleansing Grains – more gentle than traditional salt or sugar scrubs, perfect for the more delicate skin on your face.
    • Coconut Scrub Bliss Balls – take this solid body scrub to the shower and give yourself the softest skin ever.
    • Beach Party Bath Soak – with this sexy bath soak, you’ll feel like a mermaid getting ready for a beach party.
    • Aloe Summer Lotion – are you ready to make the most perfect Summer lotion ever?
    • Satisfying Peel-Off Mask – this thick (and fun!) mask will lock coconut milk’s hydrating properties into your skin.

SIMPLIFY Skin SEASONS: Summer Skincare Products

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SIMPLIFY Skin Bonuses

Lifetime access to SIMPLIFY Skin Private Classroom

  • When you join the workshop, you get access to our private classroom. Here’s a peek of what it looks like:

  • You get lifetime access, so you can work on the recipes as quickly or as slowly as you like. Plus, you can access the class from anywhere — even your phone — with specially formatted videos for mobile devices.

Access to SIMPLIFY Skin Private Community

  • As a special bonus, when you purchase SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Summer, you’ll get access to our private, invite-only community of like-minded makers. Exchange ideas and recipes, share your successes and even meet up in person; I can’t wait for you to meet your fellow SIMPLIFY Skin classmates.

Direct access to me

  • When you joinSIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Summer, you’ll have questions! Whether you want to know more about your skin type, packaging and shelf life, or questions about ingredient swaps – I’m just an email away!

With SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Summer, you’ll be amazed to see the kinds of skincare that you can make from common kitchen pantry ingredients!

You’ll eliminate harsh chemicals that aggravate the skin – and get better results with simple, whole food ingredients that builds gorgeous, healthy, glowing skin.

The skill of making your own solutions will save you time, money and help you live a more healthy, happy and green lifestyle.

And I look forward to teaching you!

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