SIMPLIFY Skin: Make safe, effective, all natural skincare step-by-step


If you’re a foodie and you love making healthy recipes – then you’re going to LOVE making healthy recipes for your skin too!

This is an online-version of my sold-out workshops. No matter where you are, no matter your schedule – you can press play anytime, open up your kitchen pantry – and create fresh, vibrant,

feel-good, glow-worthy skincare, that works!

More than  just a random collection of recipes –  in this workshop you’ll learn how to make a complete routine of skincare essentials for healthy skin: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser/Serum, Steam, Scrub, Mask.

Even if you’ve never made a product of your own, you’ll be guided step-by-step, making the recipes with an understanding of what your skin needs and how natural ingredients work. You’ll be able to mix-and-match ingredients, choose what’s right for you and continue creating a lifetime of safe, effective, skincare solutions.

*Once you purchase, you’ll receive access to a beautiful, classroom library

* Login to view the content and ask questions ( I check in daily to answer )

* Watch on any device, any time

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WHAT’S INSIDE: A 2-hour workshop, broken up into easy to follow sections.

  • Fresh Start Guide: A step-by-step guide to de-clutter, eliminate the excess in your current skincare routine and make calm, informed choices about what you bring into your home and put onto your skin. 
  • Ingredients Guide: A printable guide listing all the staple ingredients that we use in the recipes and how they work for your skin. We only use real food ingredients – that creates super healthy and vibrant skin. 
  • Audio Lessons: Information about skincare, skin types, what our skin needs (and doesn’t), using natural ingredients and how they work. You can listen from your computer or on any device! 
  • Video Recipes: 15 high quality video recipes (a growing library!) to watch me make the recipes and follow along step-by-step. Avoid the common DIY disasters and feel confident as you make. Once you have these basics – you can freestyle and create skincare based on a real understanding of why it’s good for you.

  • Healthy Habits: The recipes are designed for real life! Accessible ingredients, simple to make, easy to use. All of the recipes are customizable – and most of the recipes are self preserving (they have a longer shelf life) so that you can make it once and enjoy it for weeks, even months! It’s about forming healthy habits that makes your life simpler and better. 

Plus, with lifetime access – you’ll receive regular updates with new skincare recipes to keep you inspired!

You’ll be amazed to see the kind of skincare that you can produce! The skill of making your own solutions will save you time, money and help you live a more healthy, happy and green lifestyle.

I look forward to teaching you!

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